Arthritis diet: Three of the best spices to ease arthritis symptoms and joint pain

Arthritis has an effect on extra than 10 million men and women in the British isles, according to the NHS, and regrettably can not be remedied. Having said that, the uncomfortable signs and symptoms that usually come along with the inflammatory affliction can be managed with some way of living changes.

In accordance to the Arthritis Basis, eating plan is a person driving factor that can help to control specific indicators these types of as joint suffering.

Joints and other pieces of the system can turn into inflamed all through arthritis flare-ups, but specific spices are able to block the swelling from at any time building.

Board-licensed sports activities dietitian Kim Larson, a nationwide spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, reported: “I believe people today are normally surprised at what a good anti-inflammatory source spices can be. But the extra anti-inflammatory food items and spices you take in, the a lot more you are tamping down on long-term inflammation.”

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Cinnamon has a sweet and woody flavour and is most generally uncovered in sweet dishes, though can be applied along with savoury food items way too.

The cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid uncovered in cinnamon both have antioxidant houses that “support inhibit cell harm prompted by free radicals”. However, exploration into how significantly this spice can profit arthritis is ongoing.


The active chemical in turmeric root is Curcumin, which is able to block “inflammatory cytokines and enzymes” in two inflammatory pathways.

In accordance to the Arthritis Basis: “Various human trials have revealed an anti-inflammatory profit, which can translate to lessened joint pain and swelling.”

The yellow spice has an earthy, musky taste with a hint of pepper, and is well-liked in Indian dishes and most normally located in curries.

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