Puppy Teething – How to Ease the Process

Puppies start teething between the age of three to six months. They chew whatever they can find that is within their reach around the house in order to soothe the pain and discomfort from pressure on their gums. The process of puppy teething can be eased by supplying them with […]

Is Parsley A Bad Breath Solution?

Bad breath is a common cause for awkwardness for many people especially when they are in close proximity to another person e.g.: going on a date, taking an interview, or being at a wedding. While a small percentage of people suffer from this condition on a regular basis, a larger […]

Dog Food Is Oven-Baked Or Extruded

Baked Dog Food? Have you ever heard of oven-baked dog food, or even thought of how dog food is made? Pet food is baked, pressed or run through an extruder. It is a lot less expensive to extrude or press dog food than to bake or “kibble” it. All dog […]

Electromagnetic Charges in Food!

“Taking in foods that take away more energy than they provide will lower Your bodies ability to deal with the natural processes of Digestion, assimilation and elimination.” Our bodies operate on a subtle electromagnetic current. Nerve signals are in fact electrical charges-your brain, heart, and all organs emit and create […]

Food Prices During the Great Depression

Food prices of the great depression in the 30s, were somewhat of a paradox, when you look back and consider how everything was so cheap, and, yet, at the same time, way too expensive for many people living through those times. Food prices weren’t so much a problem for those […]

The Effects of Mint on Geographic Tongue Pain

It can be frustrating to treat geographic tongue pain without having to resort to topical medications when symptoms become a bother. Some ointments and gels can have negative side effects, especially those that can only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription. However, there is a natural way to treat the […]

Kola Nuts – Cola Nuts

The kola nuts belong to the family of trees referred to as Malvaceae made up of about 125 species. They grow abundantly in the Tropical Rainforests in Africa. The trees can grow as high as 65 feet . They are evergreen. Malvaceae also grow in the humid, tropical parts of […]

How to Stop a Dachshund Chewing

First things first; chewing is natural behavior for Dachshunds, especially puppies. Dachshund chewing is not something that you can stop, all you can do is redirect the chewing onto an acceptable item, providing enough interesting toys and activities so that your Dachshund will not want destroy your things. Should You […]