More than a quarter of participants contaminated salad with raw poultry in a food safety study

In a review aimed at examining the impression of washing poultry on kitchen area contamination, researchers discovered that far more than a quarter of review members contaminated salad with raw poultry – like numerous study individuals who did not clean the poultry. The examine highlights the worth of hand-washing and cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen in order to decrease the possibility of foodborne ailment when cooking at home.

Washing uncooked poultry is not suggested, due to concerns about inadvertently contaminating other meals and surfaces – and raising the danger of foodborne illness.


We desired to know what impact an educational intervention would have on acquiring individuals to halt washing poultry ahead of cooking, and what effect any resulting alter in behavior may possibly have on minimizing contamination in the kitchen area. We also wanted to get a greater plan of how, if at all, washing poultry really led to amplified contamination in the kitchen area.”


Ellen Shumaker, corresponding author of the review and an extension associate at North Carolina State College


For the research, researchers recruited 300 residence cooks who explained they washed poultry before cooking it. The researchers despatched food security information to 142 of the research individuals through e-mail, outlining threat-reduction endeavours – such as the advice to not wash uncooked poultry in the course of meals planning. The remaining 158 study members did not acquire the instruction intervention.

All 300 review individuals were being then invited to check kitchens geared up with video cameras that filmed food preparation. Members ended up requested to cook dinner hen thighs and get ready a salad. Soon after preparing the hen thighs, but ahead of placing the rooster in the oven, participants have been named out of the kitchen to conduct a shorter job interview. Contributors had been then despatched back again into the kitchen to cook the rooster thighs, get ready the salad, and clear the kitchen as they would at residence.

What the examine individuals didn’t know was that the hen thighs have been inoculated with a harmless strain of bacteria, which the researchers would be capable to detect. This permitted scientists to swab surfaces in the kitchen to see regardless of whether any cross-contamination occurred during the food items planning and cooking course of action.

When examine contributors still left the kitchen area to perform the interview, researchers swabbed the kitchen to discover any likely contamination. This procedure was repeated just after each participant had finished cooking the food and cleaned the kitchen area. The geared up salad was also analyzed for feasible contamination.

Ninety-three percent of the members who received the intervention did not clean the chicken, as compared to 39% of the participants who did not receive the intervention.

Nevertheless, the researchers ended up astonished to see that people who did clean the rooster and persons who did not clean the chicken experienced related amounts of contamination from the raw rooster in their organized salads.

So what provides?

“We assume the salad contamination stems from men and women performing a poor job of washing their arms immediately after managing the raw chicken, and/or undertaking a very poor position of sanitizing the sink and encompassing surfaces ahead of rinsing or dealing with the salad,” Shumaker suggests.

“Regardless of whether or not folks washed their hen, the kitchen area sinks grew to become contaminated by the uncooked rooster, even though there was fairly minor contamination of nearby counters,” Shumaker says. “This was a small shocking, given that the traditional wisdom had been that the possibility associated with washing chicken was for the reason that h2o would splash off of the hen and contaminate bordering surfaces. Alternatively, the sink by itself was turning into contaminated, even when the rooster wasn’t staying washed.

“Washing the rooster is even now not a very good plan, but this research demonstrates the need to focus on stopping contamination of sinks and emphasizing the importance of hand-washing and cleansing and sanitizing surfaces.”


Journal reference:

Shumaker, E.T., et al. (2022) Observational Review of the Effects of a Food Protection Intervention on Customer Poultry Washing. Journal of Food items Protection.

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