Putting an Outdoor TV Near Your Hot Tub

Now if you are lucky enough to own a hot tub or pool outdoors, you will certainly know how to pamper your self and reward yourself for your hard work. So why not put an outdoor TV next to your hot tub so you can watch your favourite programmes in the luxury of your pool/tub? 

Installing the cables.

When you install your hot tub or pool you may or may not have used conduit or a duct that is buried in your garden for protecting the cables, if there is spare capacity, you can feed your power and cable leads through the duct to the location normally on a wall near the pool or hot tub. 

If not, you will have to run a duct along your garden, this is best down just after autumn or fall, when the garden is dying back. Once you have laid out the duct, thread the cables into the duct and bury it around 12 to 18 inches down. Using a duct or conduit will protect the cables from damage, when anyone is digging the garden over or if a pet discovers the cables and chews them. 

Once you have got your cables to the location were the TV is going to be sited, you have to decide on the TV, this is probably something you have already done. The considerations now are if the television is going to be left out all year round, otherwise you will have to watch the weather and bring the TV indoors before any bad weather appears. 

Installing the TV.

Now depending upon if the television is be left outdoors all year round, you may want to consider an LCD enclosure, these offer both waterproof and weatherproof protection to NEMA 4X (US specification) and IP65 (European specification). Manufactured from either stainless steel or mild steel and powder coated these provide protection from the elements and potential theft. 

If you are going to mount the TV without an enclosure, you will need a TV bracket as these come as standard in TV cases, then ensure that the correct bolts are used to fasten the bracket to the wall. Mount the TV to the bracket and then connect the cables. 

Now, go to your home and turn on the power, get a beer from the fridge, switch the TV on and get in your hot tub or pool and enjoy!

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