After Kim Kardashian Got Called Out For Fake Eating, She Dropped The Receipts

Kim Kardashian has found herself at the center of more than a few viral snafus over the years, but her latest has to be one of the strangest. The media personality partnered with Beyond Meat – a company that produces plant-based meat substitutes – and recently appeared in one of their ads. In it, the reality star was shown taste-testing a number of the foods, though many believed she was only fake chewing. Following the brouhaha, the corporation dropped some receipts on the matter and, now, Kardashian has shared some of her own. 

Admittedly, it was a bit odd that Kim Kardashian was never actually seen eating the food in the Beyond Meat advertisement and only shown chewing it. The star has definitely cleared things up now, though, thanks to some recent video uploads to her Instagram stories. In the clips Kardashian shared, she’s actually shown puting the food in her mouth and chomping it down. One of the videos she dropped shows her eating a burger and, at the bottom of the frame, she added, “Guys, come on…” It’s probably a safe bet that the message is aimed at the doubters:

Kim Kardashian eating a burger

(Image credit: Instagram)

It’s pretty hard to deny that she’s biting into that (honestly delicious-looking) patty. Another piece of footage shows her trying out a meatless chicken tender. And in the still down below, you can see her tasting the vegan sausage that Beyond Meat offers:

Kim Kardashian eating sausage

(Image credit: Instagram)

Need more proof? Well, you’ve certainly got it. The SKIMS founder closed out the round of footage with an extended sequence that shows her eating a taco. And in what was honestly an on-brand move for the businesswoman, she proceeds to take a selfie while chewing on the morsel. See it down below:

Kim Kardashian eating a taco

(Image credit: Instagram)
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