Chewing the Fat – Top 10 Most Offensive Stereotypes

It’s hard enough dealing with issues of image when you’re a woman. Everywhere you look there are air-brushed models, unrealistic representations, and judgment. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized the falsehood of these things and have moved on from comparing myself to models and actors. As a plus-sized woman, however, I’m […]

How To Pick The Best Movers

Finding the best movers is kind of like finding the right auto mechanics. It can take research and trial and error. There are a lot of car technicians that know how to work on cars, but not all of them get the job done right. In addition to that, pricing […]

The Cooking Oil Crisis

Be it crude oil or cooking oil, lesser the better. While reduced consumption of crude oil results in a healthier environment, reduced consumption of cooking oil results in a healthier individual. As care starts from home, I thought it will be appropriate to discuss the cooking oil concerns and leave […]