5 Steps to Easier Cooking

Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. If you’re struggling with how to make your cooking time less of a struggle, then here are some tips. 1. Look over how you are cooking – Are you making the same meals over and over again and not making larger […]

Reward Children With Nutritious Treats

At an early age, we begin to condition our children that the reward for putting up with all of those vegetables on their plates is a sweet, sugary dessert. You might recognize the familiar statement, “If you don’t eat that broccoli, then you don’t get dessert.” This establishes a reward […]

Weighty Matters

There is no doubt that divorce is a weighty matter both literally and figuratively. This often calamitous and life changing event can flood us with emotions and render our defenses as porous as Swiss cheese. During these times of crisis the ambush of poorly understood and thus often, unacceptable feelings, […]

Chinese Food, American Style

It is often a standing joke that what Americans consider to be Chinese food is totally of our own making, and cooks and diners in China would find them completely foreign (like chop suey–what on earth is that?). But somewhere along the line, Chinese food was adapted from our Asian […]

How to Stop Biting Fingernails

What exactly is nail biting?- Nail biting is easily defined as the chewing off of finger- or even toe nails. This very common compulsive disorder affects almost half of the teenagers and a quarter of the children under age 10 years in the world. Luckily this bad habit is not […]

The Best Buffet Restaurants

Buffet dining emerged in the 16th century in France and has continued to develop into the favorite alternative for a large base of restaurant customers. The Best Buffet Restaurants that have emerged over the course of time have not only reformed the conventional benchmarks of restaurant dining but have also […]