Freeze dried food: why it can be number 1 solution

Catherine G. Hoover

Freeze-drying is the method of dehydrating frozen foods under a low temperature and high pressure to change the water in food products directly from a solid to a gaseous form without having to pass a liquid state. In this process, freeze-dried food maintains its original size and shape with minimal […]

Hostess recalls hamburger and hot dog buns for possible Listeria and Salmonella risks

Hostess Brands LLC has recalled certain Hostess “Soft White Hamburger Buns” and “Soft White Hot Dog Buns” because of the potential for the products to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. Hostess Brands became aware of the potential contamination from its co-manufacturer, Best Harvest Bakeries, through Best Harvest Bakeries’ environmental […]

Tackling climate change can boost food safety

Stifling heat waves, droughts, devastating forest and wildland fires, flooding, violent cyclones, rising sea levels, human lives lost — we’ve heard about this and more in the news this summer. And while each story is grim enough in itself, they add up to what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns is […]

Matteo’s Mexican Meals joins downtown food lineup

LAS CRUCES – Downtown Las Cruces received a new restaurant past thirty day period when Matteo’s Mexican Food officially opened the doorways to its 2nd spot. Matteo’s Downtown opened Saturday, Aug. 14, along South Principal Street — between Downtown Blues Coffee and White’s Tunes Box. Farmers and crafts industry goers were […]