Fruit snacks without the fruit? Eat the Change’s Cosmic Carrot Chews offer new twist on an old favorite

It ditched the fruit.

At Organic Goods Expo West in Anaheim previous week, the begin-up debuted its next item – a trio of Cosmic Carrot Chews, which co-founder Seth Goldman of Trustworthy Tea fame explained is the 1st-to-market place vegetable snack for young children (and the complete loved ones) that is both a planet-friendlier and more healthy different to lots of fruit snacks promoted nowadays.

“The explanation these are important is mainly because if you search at the fruit snack class appropriate now, there is no authentic fruit, proper? They are vacant calories and supply no nutrition. So, we are coming in and we have this carrot that we soak in a minimal bit of marinade and flavor”​ and then dehydrate into a chewy deal with that people can come to feel superior about, but which preferences like the fruit snacks of their childhood with flavors like Bitter Cherry Berry Blast Off, Orange Mango Moonbeam and Apple Cinnamon Asteroid, Goldman explained.

He noted that although the snack is basic with just four substances – natural and organic carrots, fruit juice focus, natural and organic natural flavors and natural and organic citric acid to protect freshness – it addresses a complex difficulty that quite a few eating places and retailers are eager to clear up.

He discussed: “Going back again to my Straightforward Tea days, we experienced loads of QSR chains that carried Trustworthy Little ones inquire us if we could make an Trustworthy Young ones snack, and at the time we explored the much less caloric fruit snack house. And though we ended up able to do it, it did not shift the needle. It was only a very little far better. And I’m just not about building our food process a tiny much better. It requires to be a whole lot superior in a whole lot of methods – and that is why this is so remarkable.”

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