How the Sankom Swiss Diet Program Works

The Sankom Swiss Diet Program is a natural weight loss system based around health promoting dietary fibre. Developed over many years by a team of medical doctors and scientists. Given a gold award for the best diet product at Expo 2010 the world’s largest exhibition for natural and organic products, it comes with high independent recommendation but just how does it work?

Basically the Sankom Swiss Diet Program makes use of a dietary fibre chew you eat in combination with a glass of water four times a day before meals. Each chew is only 15 calories but they expand in the stomach suppressing the feeling of hunger and therefore when you eat your meal you will eat less. Less food equals fewer calories. The chances are if you are overweight you are consuming too many calories so for instance if you are over eating by 500 calories a day that’s 3500 calories a week. Your average meal is about 500 calories, if you eat half of it because you feel full that saves you about 250 calories that equals 1000 calories over four meals. So now you are cutting 7000 calories off your food intake.

The big problem with a lot of diets is they actually make you feel hungry and at the mercy of the first chocolate bar or packet of crisps that crosses your path. The great advantage of this one is, even though you are eating less you won’t feel hungry.

Ultimately the success of any diet plan is dependent largely on the ability of the individual to keep it up when the initial enthusiasm inevitably begins to wane. There is very little effort involved in the Sankom Swiss Diet Program; chews and water that’s it!

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