I’m a food expert and you’ve been cooking your rice all wrong – the right way will make it SO much fluffier

COOKING rice really should be simple, but the fact is it’s more challenging to best than you may feel.

If you might be fed up of digging into undercooked rice or gloopy sludge, you have probably been cooking it mistaken.

Your rice can make or break a meal


Your rice can make or crack a foodCredit history: Getty

According to food pro Peter Sidwell, from CookServeEnjoy, the secret to great fluffy rice is just not a lot of a secret at all.

In reality it truly is generally to do with the form of rice that you happen to be hoping to boil.

If you happen to be using nearly anything other basmati rice, that could possibly be the rationale your rice is just not hitting the location.

The professional explained: “Basmati is an aromatic, extended-grain rice which is normally utilised in Indian delicacies.

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“It’s gentle and fragrant, making it the fantastic companion for saucy dishes to soak up people outstanding flavours.” 

Of system, there are other types of rice you can make, but if you might be just after basic boiled rice that even now preferences terrific, you will find a couple of straightforward measures to observe.

Get the ratio appropriate

You must have a ratio of 1:1½ when cooking basmati rice, a great way to do this is use a mug to scoop your rice and the identical mug to add in your drinking water.

So a person mug or rice will be just one and a fifty percent mugs of h2o!

Absorption process

Just permit the pot summer months on a very low warmth, the rice will take in all the h2o indicating there’s nothing at all to drain.

Bear in mind to use a pan lid

Remembering to pop on a pan lid will support your rice steam and cook dinner speedily and evenly.

Regardless of what you do, when your rice is cooking will not get of the lid to have a fast peak.

Leave to simmer

Allowing for your rice to prepare dinner for the right amount of money of time is very important.

Just go away it to summer for 12-15, remembering that this will differ based on part dimensions.

Let it sit

The moment your rice is cooked keep away from digging in straight absent, depart it to sit for about 10 minutes for exceptional fluffiness.

There are other ways to cook rice if you want a more sticky consistency too


There are other ways to cook rice if you want a extra sticky regularity tooCredit score: Getty

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