Saltwater Taffy: How It Is Made and What Tools to Use

How to Make Salt Water Taffy from Scratch |

If you’re thinking about making salt water taffy, you’ve probably wondered how this sweet treat is made. There are a few key ingredients, and then the process of hand-pulling the sweet treats. There are even some tools you can use to help you make the sweets.

Process of Making Salt Water Taffy

Making saltwater taffy starts with boiling sugars in a copper kettle. The resulting supersaturated mass is pulled through a pulling machine, which kneads and stretches the candy. The finished taffy is then shaped and packaged for shipment.

Saltwater taffy is a soft, chewy treat that has a salty flavor. The chewy texture makes it distinctive from traditional candy or frosted cupcakes. Saltwater taffy can be made in various flavors, including strawberry, banana, and peppermint. You can make it with different flavoring extracts to create a unique treat like how Purple Mountain Taffy makes.


Salt Water Taffy is a type of candy made from salt in seawater. It is famous all over the eastern and northeastern coasts of North America. This sweet treat is made from the abovementioned ingredients and can be found in candy stores. Taffy can be frozen for up to six months. It can also be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Once it has thawed, you can cut pieces into desired shapes.

Corn syrup is a critical ingredient in salt water taffy. This ingredient prevents the flattery from crystallizing. Corn syrup is a natural sweetener made up of long glucose molecule chains. It helps to retain moisture in foods, so it’s commonly used as a sugar substitute.

Mix the ingredients in a large pan to make salt water taffy at home. Stir the ingredients together over medium heat. Once the mixture begins to boil, wait about two minutes. The candy is ready when the temperature reaches 270 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches this temperature, please remove it from the heat and add flavoring and food coloring. You can also stretch it to add more air.

Process of Hand-Pulling Taffy

Making salt water taffy is a simple process that can be done by hand. Using machines for pulling taffy is not recommended since the original method relied on hand-pulling and stretching. However, you should prepare some materials for this process, such as buttering scissors or wax paper. These will make the process easier and help prevent the candy from sticking to the cutting board.

The process of hand-pulling saltwater taff involves several steps. First, the taffy is spread on a metal table. Then, it is aerated by a mechanical taffy-pulling hook. The aeration process is crucial in achieving the softer texture of the taffy.

Once the taffy has reached the desired softness, it is time to pull it. Butter your hands to prevent them from overheating and burning. It is also essential to wear proper food-safe gloves while hand-pulling taffy.

Tools Used to Make Taffy

To make salt water taffy, you’ll need special tools and a good candy thermometer. These tools will help you to ensure that your sugar syrup reaches the “soft-crack” stage when it is free of moisture but still has some elasticity. You’ll also need parchment or wax paper, a three or four-quart heavy saucepan, and some Kool-Aid powder.

Saltwater taffy-making has been mechanized recently, but some people still make theirs by hand. They’ll organize parties around the taffy-pulling process. Making salt water taffy by hand requires constant movements of the arms and hands. Taffy-making machines allow manufacturers to produce as many as 1,000 pieces an hour.

candy thermometer is essential for those new to making saltwater taffy. With this tool, making taffy will be easier than it looks. It’s also necessary to get a good knife for cutting. Buttering scissors will also make cutting easier. A wax paper will also come in handy for rolling up the candy. Unlike commercial candy-making machines, home candy makers don’t need to purchase a pulling machine. The original way of making taffy was by stretching and pulling it by hand.

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