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Sometimes there is nothing better than a Chinese takeaway and last night that was exactly what I needed.

Leeds has an endless supply of great restaurants to go out for a meal but I wasn’t in the mood to socialise and eat out so I decided to try Sweet Basil Valley, which is the ‘best’ Chinese with the options of takeaway according to you, our readers, from the comfort of my couch.

And were you right. The takeaway was one of the best Chinese meals I’ve ever had.

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Some people have praised the restaurant for its ‘authentic Chinese food’, while other customers have left positive reviews for the ‘fantastic menu’. One person described the restaurant as ‘the best Chinese in over a decade’.

So if you’re struggling to find a good Chinese then I recommend Sweet Basil Valley, you won’t be disappointed.

The portions were that big it came in a huge box
The portions were that big it came in a huge box

The restaurant, in Yeadon, is around a 30-minute drive from my house – with that in mind I ordered the food for collection in 30 minutes and it was ready as I got there. The venue was lovely, I would definitely like to try eating in next time, the decor wasn’t tacky but it wasn’t overly fancy to the point you dread the bill coming either.

A huge bonus was the fact the food was still warm when I got it home and the portions were huge. I ordered duck with orange Cointreau sauce, salt and pepper chicken, noodles with beansprouts and curry sauce which was more than enough for two people to share. We even got free prawn crackers.

The smell alone was enough to make me think ‘this is going to be good.’ You could smell the dozens of flavours in the food and it just made me even more excited to try it. The food looked that good on my plate it made it onto my Instagram feed – a privilege I know.

First up I tried the duck which had such a bold taste of orange, it was beautiful. The duck wasn’t fatty and cooked perfectly, couldn’t fault this dish at all. The rest of the dishes followed the same pattern, salt and pepper chicken was lovely, it had the right balance of chilli and veg; wasn’t dry either which you find with a lot of Chinese takeaways.

The noodles didn’t have that weird slimy texture to them which puts me off with so many Chinese eateries, honestly, the food was all 10/10. I would go as far as to say this was the best Chinese I’ve ever had. A little more expensive than your average Chinese but worth every penny.

Smell, look and taste were all 10/10. My only regret was that I didn’t eat in to get the full authentic experience, but saying that the food was definitely restaurant quality – nothing like you would expect from any other Chinese takeaways.

The bill

  • Duck with Orange Cointreau Sauce £16

  • Salt and Pepper Chicken £6.50

  • Noodles with Beansprouts £4.80

  • Curry Sauce £3.20

Total: £29.30

You can find the restaurant at: Green Lane, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 7BY

They serve both Chinese and Thai food to dine in or collect with over 30 years experience.

Book online or call 0113 250 0220

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