Hostess recalls hamburger and hot dog buns for possible Listeria and Salmonella risks

Hostess Brands LLC has recalled certain Hostess “Soft White Hamburger Buns” and “Soft White Hot Dog Buns” because of the potential for the products to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. Hostess Brands became aware of the potential contamination from its co-manufacturer, Best Harvest Bakeries, through Best Harvest Bakeries’ environmental […]

The 8 Best Subscription Boxes for Your Dog

Besides being a fun delivery to look forward to each month, subscription boxes are also a great way to automate repeat tasks. These boxes can even be a convenient way to introduce variety into your and your pet’s life. As far as dog subscriptions go, you can now subscribe to […]

Train your deaf dog by using hand signals

Q: We’re enchanted by Eva, a sweet young Dalmatian available for adoption through the nearby Dalmatian rescue agency. Our only concern is that she is deaf. If we adopt her, how will we train her? A: Deafness is inherited in some breeds, including Dalmatians, especially those that are mostly white […]

Our household dog has costly taste, chews up funds

“The doggy ate my research.” – Prevalent quality college excuse I received a textual content photo from my spouse. It showed two parts of ground-up dollar in the folds of our dog’s blanket. “Uncovered the puppy chewing it,” she claimed when I named. I seemed at the photograph carefully and […]

Purina, The Pioneer Girl increase pet dog handle line

NEW YORK — Nestlé Purina and Ree Drummond, typically identified as The Pioneer Woman®, declared April 6 three jerky-style additions to their line of adult doggy treats. The treats were introduced on National Pet Working day and are readily available in 3 formulas: Ranch-Lifted Beef, Farm-Raised Rooster or Ranch-Raised Lamb. […]

The best dog food delivery for 2021

Demand for home delivery of most everything has seen a major boom during the pandemic and that certainly extends to pet supplies. Beyond the obvious convenience, ordering animal supplies online and having dog food delivered expands your options for finding the best possible eats for your new puppy or adult […]