The Best Way of Cleaning Bars and Nightclubs

Catherine G. Hoover

Over the years not too much has changed in most bars and nightclubs. The bar and club venues may be bigger, come in different themes, serve greater varieties of liquor, charge entry fees and play different music, but through this year cleaning issues have always remained constant.

It does not matter how much a nightclub spends on the interior decor as long as they can attract a crowd. Alcohol, chewing gum and cigarette smokes are the three major contributing factors of nightclubs cleaning problems. It can be ruined or damage such attracted phases of nightclubs. How?

Alcohol is definitely a big cleaning problem because alcohol becomes sticky once it dries. Whether it is beer, wine, spirits, soft drink or lolly water the result is always the same. Hard floors, carpets, bar tops, tables and the chairs are always sticky and no one likes being stuck to the floor when they are trying to pull one of Michael Jackson finest dance moves.

An ideal solution to clean sticky floor is a floor scrubber or washer. The floor scrubber will scrub, wash and dry floors in a single pass through its unique designed twin cylindrical brush. It only uses plain water and will restore hard floors or short pile carpets to their original condition in minutes.

Chewing gum litter is another problem that never seems to go away. Every year, the problem on chewing gum litter and smoking bans in venues seems to worst. Traditionally, chemical solutions or high pressure water systems were used to remove chewing gum, but these are not practical for indoors.

But with the features of chewing gum removal innovated on a steam cleaning machines, this problem is no longer viral. Various bars & nightclubs in Australia are now using the Jetvac Pro, the chewing gum remover. Ideally for indoor and can be used both on hard floors and carpets. It can remove up to 700 chewing gum per hour.

Steam cleaner is the only machine that has the ability to convert smokers room to a non-smokers room in less than hour. It can remove smoke stains and deodorized surface as well.Comes with a variety of tools and attachments that can clean floors, walls, windows, furniture, benches, tables, bar tops, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, bars and other nightclub areas.

And before another renovation takes place, bars and nightclubs should start using cleaning machines like Jetvac Pro steam cleaner and floor scrubbers, the best way of cleaning bars and nightclubs that will surely cut expenditures in environmentally friendly way.

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