Tobacco and Its Effects on Oral Health

Tobacco and oral health

Cosmetic dentistry is more preferred by those people who smoke. With passage of time and changing lifestyle oral health is greatly affected. In these days a large population starts smoking in early stages of life. Daily smoking increases periodontal diseases. The less awareness for shortcomings of tobacco use can lead to danger in life and many related health issues. Many medical problems like cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases and low birth weight infants are part of it.

Tobacco use increase risk of periodontal diseases. Chewing tobacco also includes chewing in form of rope like strands known as twist or pressed bricks and cakes called plugs or shredded or powder form of finely divided processed tobacco. It is more addictive than smoking. Those who chew tobacco are addictive to nicotine. Nicotine adversely affects the teeth and gums. The tooth collects a thin layer of tar and becomes yellow gradually due to tobacco and smoking. It also promotes discoloring teeth, tooth decay and bad breath. It decreases sense of smell and taste. The risk of developing cavities increases and grit in snuff also eats away at gums. The tooth roots become sensitive to hot and cold.

The mouth soreness is part of smokeless tobacco and it can lead to leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is white scaly patch or lesion formed inside lips or mouth due to chew tobacco. If person who chews tobacco for number of years suffers from red sores.

Cosmetic dentist helps in improving oral health by giving a better look to teeth. They provide nicotine patches to bring dental perfections. But dental imperfections and ugly stains can also be corrected by dentist. To improve smile orthodontics and porcelain are few traditional ways used by cosmetic dentist. A perfect smile is maintained by using good healthy eating habits.

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