Valheim cooking and foodstuff guidebook — Foods to help with therapeutic and survival

As outlined in our beginner’s guidebook, Valheim‘s therapeutic program is right tied to foods. Here’s our cooking and healing guidebook with far more tips to enable you out.

Note: Valheim is at the moment an Early Obtain title. As this sort of, mechanics and written content might modify in owing course. For additional information and facts, examine out our Valheim guides and attributes hub.


Valheim: Recommendations for cooking and healing

Make positive you have a hammer (3x wooden and 2x stone). In the develop menu’s miscellaneous tab, you can plop down a campfire (2x wood and 5x stone).

The campfire has to be put on soil or all-natural rocks, and it does not involve a close by Workbench. Even so, you do want to location a thatched roof above it if you want to avert it from likely out when it rains.

Be aware: Being in just range of the campfire retains you heat and helps prevent you from obtaining chilly at night. If you build a mattress, you’ll also will need a campfire nearby. And lastly, you may well toss additional wooden to maintain the flames burning.

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As for cooking, you have to have a cooking station (2x wooden) and it has to have a campfire beneath it. A number of cooking stations can be placed in excess of the identical campfire, which is practical if you want to cook tons of foodstuff speedily.

To prepare dinner foods, all you have to have to do is press the “E” critical. You may perhaps also drag a raw merchandise to a numbered slot in your stock, then press that keybind. The foods is cooked after you listen to that crisp sizzle.

Note 1: If you maintain foodstuff things cooking for far too extended, they’ll sooner or later change into coal. It’s a useful resource utilised for the Forge.

Observe 2: Attempt to have a chimney or air flow method in your constructed residence. The smoke can turn out to be unbearable, primary to your character’s asphyxiation and dying.

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You may perhaps take in three different kinds of objects, and the health you acquire relies upon on which forms you try to eat. For occasion, berries will only give you a small total of HP. But, cooked meat could give you a whole lot far more.

As for where you’ll come across some food in Valheim‘s early-game working experience:

  • Berries and mushrooms – Berries can be picked from shrubs (press “E” whilst hovering your cursor about the fruits), and mushrooms are on the ground or near tree roots.
  • Neck Tail – These are dropped by lizards termed Necks.

Valheim Cooking And Healing Guide Food Guide 1

  • Raw Fish – At the time you have bought a fishing rod and fishing bait from Haldor, you can get started catching fish in the nearby rivers and seas.
  • Uncooked meat – You can select these up by searching boars and deer. You may perhaps also tame and breed boars to have a nutritious source of meat and leather-based.

Valheim Cooking And Healing Guide Food Guide 2

Valheim is available on Steam as portion of the Early Entry plan. For far more information, look at out our guides and functions hub.

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