101 Ideal L.A. Restaurants of 2020

“Fortune favors the brave” might as very well have been penned about David Wilcox, who formerly operated the ambitious but unwell-fated Atwater Village restaurant Journeyman. In 2018, as a very last-ditch hard work to save the cafe, Wilcox transformed it into a pizzeria. The gamble paid off. Hail Mary Pizza specializes in funky, char-edged pies with blistery, chewy, easily digestible crusts crafted from purely natural levain and entire grains.

The Pep Pep, with pork chorizo, peppers and honey, is a subtle and lush constellation of sweet and spicy flavors. The Westside-encouraged Giust-oh is brilliantly paved with feta and Mornay sauce and tender, starchy bites of potato, chard and lemon zest, whilst the anchovy-additionally-jalapeño combo of the Frederick is a gleeful smack of cheesy, briny warmth. Salads are developed from the most effective farmers market generate — just lately there was a lovely autumnal mix of extremely-refreshing dandelion greens tossed with squash and pomegranate seeds. Desserts, like the residence brownies and the almond-crusted Basque cake with pastry cream on the facet, are cause enough to phone for takeout.

Outdoors the kitchen area, Wilcox is a fervent advocate for independent restaurants, and has experimented with earnings-sharing products in an exertion to counter the industrywide fork out disparities concerning front- and back again-of-residence roles. But you do not have to have to know any of this to savor the pizza, which is some of the most exclusive and fulfilling in Los Angeles.

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