Astigmatism Treatment – Natural Astigmatism Therapy

Astigmatism is a condition when cornea is unable to focus an image on to the retina properly. A person who suffers from this ailment will see a blurry image. The main cause of astigmatism is a distortion of the cornea to become oval in shape rather than round which is required to see properly and perfectly. People do not notice that poor posture and a tendency to tilt the head for a long period of time can also become a factor of astigmatism.

The main conventional astigmatism treatments are corrective prescription lenses, glasses, and surgery. Most people do not realize that those treatments can certainly improve symptoms. Besides, wearing prescribed glasses and lenses for a long term will absolutely worsen the eyesight. It happened due to decreased sensitivity of the eyes muscles. The other side effect also includes the increased sensitivity to artificial light and lack of depth of perception.

Astigmatism treatments can be done by natural astigmatism therapy which is totally easy to do. Below are some of the ways:

1. Eat vitamins and nutrient food.
Spinach and walnut are best to cure astigmatism. Put them in your menu as daily program. Carrots and tomatoes are also important as they contain Vitamin A which is good for your eyesight.
2. Yoga technique.
Do practice yoga to relax your eye muscles.
3. Rose water therapy.
Apply two or three drops of rose water which is mixed with a drop of lime juice to each eye. Do practice it three to four times a day and you will find a dramatic effect to your eyesight.
4. Blink your eyes regularly to reduce eye strain.
5. Roll your eyes all the way up and down in a full circular motion for five minutes, three to five times a day.
6. Cover your eyes with you palms for five minutes and breathe deeply. Do this every one to two hours.
7. Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners combine acupuncture with dietary changes and traditional Chinese herbs, such as ginkgo biloba and ginseng to get a healthy liver function as they believe most eye problems are due to diminished liver function.

Astigmatism treatments must be started as soon as possible to avoid further problems which can lead to a blind. The best way is to practice the natural ones without drinking harmful pharmaceuticals. However, if the astigmatism grows to be severe, a surgery must be taken. At this stage, consult with the professional doctor and make sure to get the correct information about the surgery such as the procedures, risk, and cost.

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