Best Weight Loss Programs: Top Rated Diet Systems Based on Customer Results

Anyone who wants to get in shape needs to start by choosing their current path. The right weight loss program can make a big difference, especially for people who don’t want to deal with trainers and nutritionists. Finding a good program can take away the user’s stress of planning what to eat and when to eat it.

Some of the programs on the market today will show what the user needs to change in their lifestyle to make weight loss much more accessible. While every program primarily does the same thing, finding the one that might work is different. In this guide, consumers will learn about the best weight loss formulas and programs offered in 2022.

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The Top Weight Loss & Diet Systems in 2022

After plenty of research and testing, this guide narrowed down the top options to these products:

  • Nutrisystem
  • Custom Keto Diet
  • Weight Watchers
  • Beachbody
  • Golo
  • Noom
  • Hello Fresh
  • LA Weight Loss
  • Diet Direct
  • Beyond Body
  • Raw Generation
  • Factor 75

Read on below to learn about how each one helps the user.



Nutrisystem is one of the most notable brands for weight loss in the industry. It helps consumers improve their strength and nutrition with meals that deliver straight to the customer’s door. Users don’t have to fit in any particular recipes, and they can choose the prescription that matches their needs best. With a sliding scale, the total cost to users will entirely depend on the number of meals they want to be delivered every week.

Nutrisystem is a good option for users who want to eliminate complications with everything done for the user. The menu has over 160 items, allowing users to choose from multiple dishes that are as appealing as healthy. The total cost per day varies from $9.99 to $13.32 daily.

Custom Keto Diet


Custom Keto Diet creates a plan around the user’s needs with their current physiology as the primary catalyst behind this account’s creation. The program helps users follow a schedule that meets their needs, rather than offering a program that won’t adjust for their many users. The entire program centers around a keto plan with this diet, but it focuses on the foods that the user already likes. If the program isn’t a good fit, users have up to 60 days to get a full refund.

To find the solution to the user’s weight loss efforts, they start by taking an online quiz. After the quiz, users will see what the possible 8-week custom plan would do for users. They have the option to buy access for $37 at this point, showing them accurate results with a high-fat and low-carb routine.

Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers is one of the most famous names in the weight loss industry. Though it has gone by the abbreviated “WW” in recent years, they revived its name as a tribute to better health and wellness, prompting the new name.

Part of the appeal of Weight Watchers is the price, especially for first-time users. Anyone who starts right now will only have to pay $1 per month for access for the first three months. This low price beats many weight loss companies today that charge much more than per day or week. Still, like other programs, users can get the personalized direction that they need for weight loss results.

Users who aren’t sure what their weight loss journey has in store can choose from multiple plans. Users can take advantage of the food list, meal planning, etc. They also get a Points Budget that helps them keep track of the proper servings that they need to take in.



Beachbody has risen to popularity for its many workout videos online, but the platform has grown exponentially. In addition to these videos, the website now offers products like weight loss guides and other tools to meet users at whatever experience level they might be. Anyone who wants to find a workout that challenges their stored fat and pushes towards weight loss is in the right place. In total, users can access 1,500 exercises.

With so many workouts available, consumers have all the variety they might need. Some exercises include low-impact routines or light cardio training, though users who want more intensity can choose a strenuous strength training regimen instead. Users who join this brand will need to decide which program and plan they want, triggering incredible weight loss. The typical cost of Beachbody comes down to $8.25 to $19.95 monthly.



Golo is made to help individuals who have a variety of weight loss goals but have struggled to reach their desired weight in the past. The program advertises that it allows individuals with many different health issues, like stress or insulin resistance. Part of the regimen involves using a dietary supplement called Release, which is made for individuals with insulin resistance.

With Golo Release, consumers can improve their immunity while controlling their appetite and burning fat. Plus, it keeps the hormones balanced to enhance the likelihood of weight loss. Unlike other programs, users don’t have to participate in an exercise program or cover the cost of an expensive subscription to keep up. They don’t even need to eat any particular diet to get the results they hope for.

Part of the reason that the Golo Release formula is so popular among consumers is that it is safe for people who struggle with diabetes. Over 100 studies back all ingredients to show how effective and safe they are. These studies showed that individuals who took the supplement could lose 79.9% more weight.

Consumers also access different resources to push along their weight loss progress with access to the supplement. Some of the included guides are the Golo Metabolic Solution, Overcoming Diet Obstacles, and the myGolo online platform. The total cost of this supplement is $59.95, but access to the rest of the content comes at no extra cost.



Noom is relatively new to the industry, but it is one of today’s top options for weight loss. Though they are a little more recent in the industry, they still focus on finding the best-customized plan for users with questions about their current goals, experience in the gym, and body. With this information, Noom can create a profile that sets the user on the path to success.

Rather than just looking at the user’s weight and lifestyle, Noom helps users to establish a better relationship with nutrition and food. It deals with the psychology behind why consumers eat the way and the type of food. Instead of comparing the calories to the user’s energy expenditure, they help users understand their changes.

Following this routine can help users break their previous habits and create healthy thought patterns to improve weight loss. Users can get access to their customized plan for $59 per month.

Hello Fresh


Hello Fresh is marketed as a healthy option for consumers with various diet plans. The program delivers meals directly to the user’s door, but they are responsible for preparing them. Many people choose to eat unhealthy foods because they opt for fast food or foods that only take a moment to prepare. Having access to healthy food should not be a challenge, regardless of the dynamic nature of the user’s schedule. Hellos Fresh takes away all of those problems.

Users will receive the ingredients they need to make exactly the number of meals included with each box. Plus, the ingredients are already portioned out. The users will need to follow the recipe with the included components. There are many options available, giving the opportunity for desserts and meals.

Every week, users will access 25 new recipes, though they offer many different plans that work with the user’s needs. While some people may prefer traditional meals with meat and vegetables, they also have options for people losing weight or who follow the pescetarian option. Consumers can even choose a regimen that helps with muscle tone.

The total cost of this program depends on how many servings the user wants to purchase, though rates start at about $60 weekly.

LA Weight Loss


LA Weight Loss helps users who specifically want to shed their fat. The program provides users with multiple options as part of their regimen, including LA Life QuickStart and LA Life Essential. This program aims to help users improve the number of calories they consume each day, reducing their appetite and working with the body to enhance weight loss.

Consumers can download the mobile app or purchase their supplements to coordinate with the regimen. The total cost of this program each month is $190.

Diet Direct


Diet Direct is all about protein in the diet, allowing users to choose complete dishes or snack foods. The entire plan is based on the users’ decisions, putting the control in their hands. It is incredibly affordable, helping users get their food at a great price. Users can keep their deliveries without missing any meals with the subscription option. Along with the delivery, users get meal replacement shakes and menus that work with their plans.

Diet Direct is a good option for consumers who have the willpower but don’t have much time for planning, costing $1.64 to 1.85 per meal.

Beyond Body


Beyond Body helps consumers improve their weight loss with a wellness book that no other program provides. Consumers have to start with the online quiz to review demographic details and additional information with this routine. Then, the creators will personalize the book with the answers provided. The book contains everything users might need, like meal plans or recipes. It also provides the necessary shopping lists for the meals.

Every person loses weight differently. The point of this program is to offer advice for weight loss that works for the user’s physiology. The customized tips for weight loss take advantage of this information to help consumers improve their chances of success. The personalized book is available digitally, allowing users to get this entire bundle for $39.99.

Raw Generation


Raw Generation doesn’t offer a weight loss program, but consumers have exclusive access to a line of juices that can motivate this improvement. Individuals who generally have good diets will significantly improve their waistline without changing their systematic risk.

In every purchase, users get a box of juices that the user picks directly. The juices will last for about two days for individuals who want to purge their body with a juice cleanse, though users can also include it in their weight loss efforts. Every ingredient used in these juices is raw and exclusively made of plants. Plus, the formulas are free of dairy, gluten, and soy. The total cost of each juice is $8.33.

Factor 75


Factor 75 is a weekly menu program, providing users with an entire meal plan for every day of the week, though they will send users a new menu each week. Plus, all the preparation is done for the user directly, allowing users to heat their food. Instead of just eating the meals on a plan, users can choose the meals they’d like. Users can choose from dietary preferences, including low-carb, low-calorie, and keto.

Some of the delicious meals included with the Factor 75 membership include brisket ropa vieja, spicy turkey poblano, and stuffed pork tenderloin. Users can feel like they have another takeout night even when dining in. The total cost breaks down to $11.50 per meal.

How We Ranked The Top Weight Loss & Diet Systems

Every weight loss program centers around finding a way to help the user shed their weight, but the technique of each brand separates them from each other. Not all programs live up to the potential they strive for, but the following criteria helped to narrow down the competition.

Menu Options

The top weight loss and diet systems provide users with many choices to integrate into their routine to appeal to a broad audience. These options help users feel like they still get to indulge and feel less restricted than they would with a regular diet. Without some variety, the user gets bored and stops focusing on their goals and results.

Menu Diversity and Customization Options

Though it is essential to have plenty of different meals to fill the week, consumers also need a diverse menu for people with dietary preferences and requirements. Some of the programs here provide users with weight loss programs that include a vegan diet or a kosher one. Individuals often have the chance to say if there are any vegetables they want to avoid.

Pricing and Value

Every program has a different price, depending on what they provide to users. While some meals only cost $5 per day, others can cost $50 daily or more. Regardless of the cost, users need to get good value for the program they enroll in. No special price earned any preference over the others, but the value had to be worth what users were paying.

Ease of Use

No matter what requirements the users need, they have to be able to follow them. Complicated directions or unclear plans can make it challenging to get results, defeating the purpose of this program in the first place. Complex programs don’t work as well for users, but straightforward programs are less likely to earn a spot on this list.

Dish Preparation

Every person has their preparation preferences, but the weight loss programs with less than 20 minutes of cooking time. Some meals provided by these weight loss programs come with microwave instructions, allowing users to eliminate any possible preparation. Other programs come with the ingredients that users need, fully assembled with only directions on mixing everything.

Real Weight Loss Results

Some of the programs for weight loss have been available to consumers for years, showing how successful the user could be. With thousands of reviews available online on the top weight loss programs available, consumers can easily see which products have had the most success for the most people.

Honest Advertised Weight Loss Claims

For the companies that have a successful reputation amongst consumers, the way that they help people has to be truthful. Supplements aren’t allowed to claim overnight success, and they can’t claim to be a treatment or cure for anything. This guide quickly eliminated weight loss programs with ridiculous claims from consideration.

Long-Term Success

Consumers need to know that their weight loss can last. Anyone who starts on this journey wants to make sure that they can see the results long-term, which every program on this list had to show. Users who learn to create healthier habits tend to have lasting effects as the improved routine supports their modified training.

Money-back Guarantee

While these weight loss programs help consumers improve weight loss for most people, every customer won’t necessarily benefit the same. Most companies make it possible to get a refund within a certain number of days if the program doesn’t work for the user.


Consumers will be eating many different and exciting foods during these weight loss programs. While they often cut calories and reduce unnecessary nutrients, they still need to taste good to appeal to users.

Ingredient Quality

While there are plenty of programs with gourmet meals that chefs have curated, others are no better than the $1 frozen dinners at the grocery store. The only way to lose weight effectively is to use ingredients worth their value, which is why the ingredient quality played an important role in curating this guide.

Appetite Control

There’s no better way to lose weight than to create a calorie deficit, but that doesn’t mean that users should heavily restrict themselves. Users need meals that provide protein and other nutrients that won’t leave them feeling hungry later.

Personalization Options

Losing weight has to be a personal experience, and no one likes being told everything they have to do. Some people have specific methods that work for their needs. Instead of filling the user into a program that might not offer what they need, this guide wanted companies who let the user show the foods that they liked to get a more appealing meal plan.

Backed by Doctors or Dietitians

A doctor or a dietician can vouch for the best programs. Sometimes, they are even involved in the process. With more professional experience, the program could rank higher.

How Do Weight Loss Programs Work?

Consumers need the tools necessary to achieve the advertised effects in any weight loss program. Some of the common tools include:

  • Meal guides / menus
  • Recipe books
  • Shopping lists/ingredient lists
  • Prepared meals
  • Videos and e-books with weight loss methods
  • Mobile apps
  • One-on-one coaching with professionals
  • Users want effective and easy weight loss, and these tools can be an easy way to get on track without having complications.

The Side Effects of Weight Loss and Weight Loss Programs

For healthy people (apart from their weight), a weight loss program shouldn’t have any side effects or adverse impacts. However, when someone naturally loses weight, they have many positive and negative changes.

Some of the uncommon ways that the body may react are in the form of:

  • Tiredness
  • Coldness
  • Dizziness
  • Bad breath
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

The reason that all of these effects happen is that the body is losing fat. These symptoms – like bad breath or fatigue – are directly associated with the keto diet. The physiological effects of specific diets can influence the digestive system and alertness of the user.

Tips for Promoting Weight Loss

Here are the top ways to lose weight, according to scientific research,

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Having three meals daily is an archaic idea, but these old experts may be onto something. Eating breakfast in the morning helps consumers trigger their metabolism effectively, but it also manages their nutrients.

Eat Regular Meals

Keeping a consistent routine with meals at specific times can help with calorie burning rapidly. It also reduces the risk of overeating or having unhealthy snacks.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with the vitamins consumers need every day. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get nearly the amount they need each day, depriving them of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other crucial nutrients for weight loss. Plus, these nutrients are often low in calories.

Get Active

One of the most significant components of weight loss is maintaining active habits. Keeping active can help consumers burn calories that they ordinarily can’t do on their own otherwise. Though most people don’t have hours to spend the day in the gym, taking a 30-minute walk can make a difference.

Eat High Fiber Foods

Foods high in fiber can help consumers eliminate extra waste and make the user feel fuller after a meal. When the user feels fuller, they are less likely to consume more calories, which is the primary way that they’ve accrued the weight in the first place. Consumers can get this fiber with a supplement or integrate more fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients into their routine.

Use a Smaller Plate

Sometimes, changing visual cues can help consumers take a unique approach to their eating habits. When individuals eat their meals on a smaller plate, the same portion of food looks much larger against this background—investing in large dishes (no matter how economic) is a recipe for constant overeating.

Enjoy the Occasional Treat

It is easy to get tunnel vision on foods and indulgences when engaging in a healthy diet. However, there’s no need to deprive the body forever. While following a weight loss program requires some change, consumers who consistently keep up with the rules can break them once in a while.

Plan Meals in Advance

Impulse decisions aren’t a great way to manage weight, so planning meals beforehand can be helpful. Even without a diet, making a meal plan ensures that users know how much certain nutrients they will get each day. Plus, they have all of their snacks planned out to work for their routine.

Eat Mindfully

Being mindful of how the user eats is another good way to promote weight loss. Keeping an eye on the portion sizes and hunger by making small changes can help users cope. Try putting silverware down when it isn’t being used or chewing food for longer to reap these benefits.

Practice Strength Training

Research shows that the best way to burn more calories is to increase muscle mass, engaging the body’s need for more calories. Strength training can help with this muscle improvement, causing the user to burn more calories around the clock to keep their metabolism engaged.

Scientific Evidence for Weight Loss Programs

No weight loss program can survive unless it can prove that it supports weight loss, and many of the top programs can demonstrate the mechanisms behind their success. Weight Watchers is a perfect example, as they provide many studies to prove why their program is effective. To understand what works, the scientific evidence below supports precisely that.

Researchers collected multiple controlled trials in a study on the success of numerous commercial weight loss programs in 2015. Some of the studies lasted about 12 weeks, while others reviewed the methods used for a year. After reviewing the results of 39 studies, the researchers concluded that both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers seemingly had better success than other programs. While they alluded to the need for more research, they also found some early indications that Nutrisystem could be pretty effective.

Getting long-term weight loss results were more than finding the right foods. It also requires users to change their current routines and bad habits. Users who change their lifestyle have greater odds of improving their weight loss success. However, people who tend to yo-yo diet often reduce the likelihood that they can enjoy long-term weight loss.

In a study in 2018, researchers compiled tons of trials, finding that the weight loss program had to:

  • Be safe and effective
  • Provide the user with enough nutrients to be healthy
  • Be affordable
  • Be culturally acceptable
  • Promotes long-term results
  • Provides realistic goals for users to meet
  • If the weight loss program can offer all of these benefits, it should be able to help users to lose their extra fat.

Benefits of Weight Loss

According to the Centers for Disease Control, most people can benefit from triggering weight loss. Even a loss of 5% to 10% of the user’s weight can:

  • Support healthy blood pressure levels
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Reduce high blood sugar
  • Reduce the risk of some chronic diseases
  • Improved energy and physical mobility
  • If an individual loses 5% of their 200-lb. frame, they can also get out of the user’s obesity. Their progress reduces the odds of obesity and lifelong illness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Programs

Q: Is eating fat bad for weight loss?

A: Not necessarily. The type of fat that the user consumes will determine how effective they are for weight loss. Saturated fats can be damaging for individuals who want to avoid weight gain. However, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat support weight loss. Some of the best sources for these types of fats include olive oil, cold-water fish, avocado, and tofu. Some types of nuts could benefit the user.

Q: Do consumers need to plan every meal to lose weight?

A: Meal planning can be a helpful way of getting on top of weight loss because it keeps the user on track with their meals and snacks. Anyone who haphazardly goes through their days is more likely to keep the weight on.

Q: Should users keep a food diary for weight loss?

A: Maintaining a lot can help users be more aware of what they are putting into their bodies, which can help them stay on track and gain weight.

Q: Which carbs should consumers eat for weight loss?

A: Anyone who wants to lose weight will likely find some success with a low-carb regimen, but carbs aren’t necessarily bad for them. With carbs’ energy, users simply need to be selective in where those carbohydrates come from. Choose options like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains instead of junk food.

Q: What is the typical weight loss per week?

A: On average, the human body can safely and slowly lose 1-2 lbs. weekly when they engage in a healthy diet and exercise program.

Q: How much weight can someone lose with a weight loss program?

A: If the user follows a weight loss program for about three months, they should lose about 10% of their weight. By the fourth month, the successful usually reduces 2% to 5% of weight, and about a pound a week after 120 days.

Q: How many times a day should someone eat for weight loss?

A: The time of day doesn’t impact the user’s weight loss. The total calories they eat and the type of nutrient balance they receive are much more critical. Some experts suggest having 4-6 meals each day.

Q: Will someone be hungry with a weight loss program?

A: Most of the time, the routine that a weight loss diet supports will help the user reduce their appetite. By making the user crave less food, users can focus their attention on healthy foods until their hunger is satisfied.

Q: Are weight loss programs safe?

A: No. Every program doesn’t keep the user’s best interests as the main focus, but all of the options above follow these guidelines. Consumers who are unsure about starting a new regimen should speak with their doctor beforehand.

Q: Can consumers drink caffeine on a weight loss program?

A: Caffeine is a great way to motivate weight loss because it improves metabolic speed. When the body burns more calories, it gets closer to the deficit needed to keep weight loss results.

Q: Can consumers drink alcohol on a weight loss program?

A: Alcohol use is discouraged in most weight loss programs. However, as a treat outside of the typical rules of these routines, it is encouraged.

Q: Can participants still eat out at restaurants while following a weight loss program?

A: It depends entirely on the program. For the most part, weight loss plans account for the fact that most consumers continue to keep up with their social dining. Checking a menu ahead of time can help users to prepare.

Q: Do users need to exercise while following the weight loss program?

A: Most programs will instruct users to participate in an exercise program to help them burn more calories, depending on the goals. Even taking a 30-minute walk can be highly beneficial.

Q: What’s the best weight loss program for people with diabetes?

A: The most diabetes-friendly programs include Weight Watchers, Beachbody, Noom, and Nutrisystem.

Q: Do weight loss programs keep weight off?

A: A well-matched weight loss program can help users achieve better weight management habits to keep results when the program ends.

Q: Do genes affect weight loss?

A: Factors like exercise, eating habits, and lifestyle concerns can influence the user’s ability to lose weight. At the same time, genetics can determine an individual’s physiology. No one is genetically predisposed to hold onto their extra weight.

Q: Should users count calories as their way of losing weight?

A: Counting calories can be extremely stressful, but some weight loss programs encourage it to ensure a caloric deficit. However, other programs center around finding various colors for each meal.

Q: What’s the best weight loss program?

A: Every program offers something different, but the customer experiences suggest that Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Noom, Factor 75, and Hello Fresh are the top options available.

Q: What’s the best exercise for weight loss?

A: Every exercise can promote weight loss. There is no particular exercise that users need to do for weight loss.

Q: Does insurance cover weight loss programs?

A: While some weight loss clinics for in-person services might provide a discount for having health insurance, the customer must pay for the programs on this list out of pocket.

Q: How much does a weight loss program cost?

A: Every program varies. While some companies list their services for just $10, others (like meal delivery services) could cost hundreds.

The Top Weight Loss & Diet Systems in 2022 Final Thoughts

The market is filled with weight loss programs that can help any user get in shape and stay that way. With so many options, users can find recipes they create in their home or request fully-assembled meals that they just heat. Choosing a program that works with the user’s natural physiology and goals can help anyone reach their desired figure. Try a top weight loss or diet system above today!

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