September 24, 2022


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Blizzard battles Fox over a cartoon canine named Diablo

Blizzard has filed an opposition to a Fox Media application for a trademark on the phrase “Diablo,” arguing, as you would assume, that it’s held a trademark on the time period for a very long time now, and that the items bearing the mark “have enjoyed tremendous professional accomplishment, gained a variety of marketplace awards, and been the subject matter of substantial, unsolicited media consideration.”

The opposition comes precisely in response to two Fox filings working with the Diablo name:

  • Pet food items edible pet treats pet treats in the nature of bully sticks drinks for animals pet drinks bird treats fowl seed electrolyte drink blend for pets consumable pet chews edible food stuff for animals for chewing dog biscuits milk replacers for animals animal foodstuffs meals for animals animal feed animal litter
  • Beverage glassware, cups, mugs, drinking glasses, and bottles sold empty bottle openers dinnerware, particularly, plates, cups, bowls and saucers toothbrushes plastic coasters thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents chilly or incredibly hot plastic plates and plastic cups paper plates and paper cups cookie jars lunch bins salt and pepper shakers hair brushes ingesting straws lunch bags built of textile oven mitts barbecue mitts pet bowls pet address jars pet brushes drinkware water bottles bought empty