Stop My Yorkie From Chewing On Everything An Insight To The Problem

First and foremost it is not really a yorkie chewing problem. It is your yorkshire terrier instinct to chew its natural for them. He/she is not doing this to annoy you but because it is normal for them. Just like when a baby wants to put everything in their mouth. Be sure to never hit or punish your yorkie severely for doing what comes natural to them.

What you as the master must do is to teach the yorkie what is correct to chew on and what is not. By supplying your puppy with many varieties of chewable toys (be sure to stay away from the sharp ones) you are incorporating ways that they will understand what is right to chew on and what is not. When your yorkie has chewed the ends off of its chew toys they must be discarded. Don’t short change your puppy with cheap chew toys. They will easily be broken or chewed up in a matter of days.

Their is also ropes that are design for your puppy to chew on but watch it carefully as it is destroyed you don’t want your yorkie to choke, take it as soon as you see signs. Keeping a chew toy handy all the time will allow for quick corrections of when he chews on something he isn’t suppose to. Firmly tell your puppy “NO” and proceed with giving him his chew toy. Reward him when he starts chewing on his chew toy with a treat or praise him.

If your puppy likes to naw on you or the kids in the middle of a play session immediately pause all play and say ouch. In his mind he should start to learn that biting is not acceptable. Some dog chewing problem can easily be corrected with the just intelligence. Keep items like shoes in closed closets, all kids toys in chest, books and other items should be kept out of reach of the puppy. If you see any tempting items that your puppy might like take the appropriate action.

Praising and rewarding your puppy will help to understand better what is not to be chewed on and what is. He will start to wonder where is his treats and the good boys when he is chewing on the sofa corner and will understand that it is wrong.

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