Different types of Kitchen Utensils by Ido Fishman

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Did you know that there are actually various types of kitchen utensils being used in almost every other kitchen space around the world? The following are the different types of common kitchen utensils by Ido Fishman. Make sure to give this list a read if you want to know how various kitchen utensils are categorized. In addition, you will find this information very valuable if you plan to become a professional cook at some point in your life or just enjoy cooking in the kitchen in your home.

Cooking Utensils

Needless to say that you will require some utensils to assist you in cooking the ingredients after you have prepped and readied them. Tongs, spatulas (fish and rubber), pasta forks, basters, whisks, slotted spoons, pastry brushes, wooden spoons and finally thermometers are all excellent tools to have handy in your kitchen space while you are cooking. If you want uniformity in your kitchen, you should know that most of these utensils can be purchased in sets.

In the case of tongs or spatulas, it may be helpful to have more than a single item simply owing to the fact that you may not want to cross-contaminate if you have 2 distinct food dishes going at the same time. According to Ido Fishman, Thermometers are not a necessary utensil to have in your kitchen but if you usually cook a lot of meat, it is in fact a useful tool that you may depend on.

Prepping Utensils

It is true there a number of utensils that can assist you in prepping vegetables and save the time that you spend in the kitchen. These utensils include garlic presses, peelers, can openers, citrus juicers, graters, shears and much more. While technically, they may not be necessary to have, (for instance, you may peel potatoes with a knife or you may squeeze citruses manually), they can most definitely make the preparation of your food much easier.

Deciding which type of utensils you need to have in your kitchen space is a certain matter of comprehending what utensils you will actually require for the kinds of food that you are consistently prepping.

Measuring Cups

As per Ido Fishman Chef, having a set of liquid and dry measuring cups is important for any baker or cook around the world.  You want to ensure you have both of these so you can accurately measure all your ingredients that you put in your various food dishes. Also ensure that all measurements are very clear and you can read them easily on the measuring cups. If the measurements are in ink rather being engraved into the measuring cup, this particular ink can sometimes fade away. In case you are wondering what that means, it makes it harder to tell how much exactly you are measuring when the ink is fading.

Serving Utensils

Serving utensils are another important type of kitchen utensils present in almost every kind of kitchen. It is time to serve your food after you have prepped and cooked your lunch or dinner. This is where these utensils come in the picture. What Ido says is that a set of aesthetically appealing and strong serving utensils is a very valuable addition to any kitchen. Salad spoons, ladles, pasta spoons, and tongs which care completely table-ready are perfect if you are planning to have guests come over to your house for a meal.


To summarize, all of these types of utensils are immensely valuable additions you can have in your kitchen. Whether you are a professional cook in a restaurant or simply enjoy cooking in your home, you are sure to find these types of utensils very useful for all kinds of cooking purposes. It is important that you are able to categorize which utensil falls under which category as that would allow you to cook more efficiently, knowing which utensil to use for which exact purpose.




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