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Is there a kibble that you could advocate for these symptoms, or even a superior household-cooked diet program? I seriously favor not to do raw. Grains do not feel to bother her, but I do not give her any corn, wheat or soy. When I have provided her grain-free of charge food items in the earlier, it can make her stool unfastened, perhaps simply because of the legumes, chickpeas, pea starch, and so on. that substitute the grains in these recipes? M.E., Elizabeth, New Jersey

Expensive M.E.: Lots of canines have challenges with manufactured pet food items, specially dry kibble. The warmth processing destroys lots of necessary vitamins and minerals, so suppliers include various artificial additives to “harmony” these deficiencies. In the meantime, the unique components are usually animal and plant byproducts lacking in nutrient worth.

For information, see the guide that I co-authored with two other veterinarians, “Not Suit for A Pet: The Fact About Produced Cat and Pet Food.” Many figures of my visitors have used my standard property-organized pet and cat food stuff recipes, which are posted on my web-site and have confirmed the health and fitness and behavioral benefits of good diet for their animal companions.

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