Food rules to follow during the holy month of Sawan

The holy thirty day period of Sawan is below and it began on July 14. As per the Hindu calendar, Sawan is the fifth month that comes after the thirty day period of Aashad and is focused to Lord Shiva. During this thirty day period, devotees observe fasting every Monday and give Bael Patra, Cow Milk, Dhatura, Bhaang, and Chandan to Lord Shiva.

This yr, the initially Sawan Somwar quickly will fall on July 18, and the holy month ends on August 12.

Consider a glance at the fasting policies that one must comply with for the duration of the holy thirty day period.


1. Just one ought to notice the quick truthfully and comply with the rituals diligently.

2. On every Monday of the month, one ought to wake up early, choose a tub, cleanse the residence, and sprinkle Gangajal.

3. Position Lord Shiva’s idol or photograph in the northeast path of the household, provide him Bael Patra, Chandan, Dhatura, Bhaang, and raw cow milk. Follow the pooja rituals and then execute the Aarti.

4. While fasting, do not starve you. Keep ingesting nuts and fruits just about every two several hours.

5. In the course of the holy thirty day period of Sawan, when fasting on Monday, stick to the fasting diet regime which is an alkaline a person and contains nuts, fruits, dairy solutions like milk and butter, and selected flours like Kuttu ka Atta (buckwheat flour), Singhare ka Atta (h2o chestnut flour) or Rajgira ka Atta (amaranth flour).

6. Consume water, milk, buttermilk, and fresh new juices during the working day to continue to keep the system hydrated.

7. Substitute table salt with rock salt or sendha namak for cooking recipes during the holy thirty day period. Also, whilst working with spices adhere to cumin seeds, cinnamon, environmentally friendly cardamom, cloves, black pepper powder, crimson chilli powder, and black peppercorns.

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1. Throughout worshipping Lord Shiva, the use of ketki flower and turmeric is prohibited.

2. According to specialists, the use of onion, garlic, and spices must be averted all through the holy month. Also, other food items and oils like mustard oil, masoor dal, brinjal, and sesame oil really should be prevented.

3. Apart from these, the consumption of meat, egg, alcohol, and tobacco is also strictly prohibited throughout Sawan.

4. And if you are fasting on Monday, do not have a correct whole meal or the previous food in advance of the sandhya aarti or the sunset.

5. Prevent drinking packaged juices as they may possibly consist of extra salt and preservatives to increase the flavour.

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