Georgetown Town Council chews on food truck ban

GEORGETOWN – In response to fears from downtown restaurant entrepreneurs, Georgetown council is contemplating an ordinance that would take a chunk out of foods vans.

Mayor and council at its June 13 meeting prepare to tackle 1st examining of an ordinance that would ban foodstuff truck operations city-extensive, with acceptable exceptions.

“We could make it seriously uncomplicated: no foodstuff vans, unless exclusive activities,” advised councilman Penuel Barrett pursuing lengthy discussion at the Could 23 meeting.

City Supervisor Eugene Dvornick said the plan would be to ban food stuff trucks completely and go back again to the authentic ice cream peddler ordinance, from which the present meals truck provision evolved. There would be food stuff truck allowance for unique activities application and individuals on private home.

Council at Monday’s meeting and several former conferences listened to from Michael Oxbrough, proprietor of the Café on the Circle on East Marketplace Street. Other cafe house owners in the fast downtown district tackled council previously, like Sway Mendez of Maudy’s Hispanic Cuisine, who shared the financial decline their organization is absorbing.

About five foodstuff trucks have been working on various times, Mr. Dvornick claimed.

Existing town code bans foods vehicles on East and West Current market Avenue and North and South Bedford Avenue.

“When they designed the ordinances, they left out The Circle. Which is in which the dilemma was. They were practically parked proper in the entrance of the Loved ones Courtroom correct on The Circle,” Mr. Oxbrough explained. “You have Maudy’s down the street that was losing small business simply because there are food stuff vehicles driving up and down Race Avenue in the early morning.”

Additional Mr. Oxbrough, “As a council we hope that you would be here to shield us. We’re investing and seriously want to keep with this city and do what we can for this city. Any person needs to secure these firms in town, simply because it is a $68 a 12 months business license vs . $50,000 a year hire and utilities. My full major point was it was basically just to safeguard the companies inside the town.”

Councilwoman Sue Barlow agreed.

“The detail that we as a council have to do is protect our businesses,” she stated.

Mayor Bill West has blended inner thoughts about the ban proposal. “We’ve in no way had this issue just before. Competitors is great, that’s the way I see it,” the mayor reported.

At the Might 23 conference, Mr. Oxbrough presented a petition opposing foodstuff vans in downtown that was supported by the dining establishments, as properly as other businesses and the Increased Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.

Another possibility tossed about was to prohibit meals vans in a 3-block radius from The Circle, which was to be integrated. There also was a recommendation that foods trucks be restricted to the highway commercial district.

Council questioned Mr. Dvornick and city solicitor Stephanie Ballard to produce the ordinance draft, which ought to endure initially looking through and then second looking at /adoption, quite possibly encompassing just two council meetings.

If the ordinance is authorized as proposed, food items truck will have to apply for a unique activities permit, which would be for Return Day, Christmas Parade, New Year’s Eve and other these situations.

Mr. Oxbrough’s primary request was to go foods vehicles out of the downtown district.

“I’m not striving to cease foodstuff vans,” Mr. Oxbrough explained. “Originally, all we asked for was past the railroad tracks, to the law enforcement station, to the university and two blocks earlier the fireplace division. That is all we asked, a major square. We’re not unreasonable. We’re just inquiring for something straightforward. So, it is not reinventing the wheel. It’s shielding your business.”

Food items vans currently issued licenses will be great through the close of the 2022.

The ban on food stuff trucks/vendors would not effect private house.

As an case in point, Mr. Dvornick mentioned Grace United Methodist Church positioned on King Street just off East Market Street would not be impacted by the proposed ban. “They could have the food items truck there on their parking lot Friday night time,” he stated.

Residence legal rights could also come into enjoy on The Circle, at a privately-owned parking large amount along with a building the place a food stuff vendor could established up.

That does not trouble Mr. Oxbrough.

“I am a correct believer in private property,” reported Mr. Oxbrough. “You can’t tell anyone what to do on private assets.”

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