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Most of the spices the Romans obtained from the East disappeared from Europe when the Roman Empire collapsed. Some spices started to return in the ninth and tenth hundreds of years, when the Arabs moved to Sicily and on to southern Europe, bringing Asian foodstuff and spices with them.

In the 11th century, when the Normans took above Sicily, they began applying cinnamon, high priced while it was, to disguise the style of tainted meat. Around the subsequent hundred a long time, the Crusaders returning from the East introduced spices to Europe. Marco Polo arrived again from China at the finish of the 13th century with spices from China, such as cinnamon. Section of his overland route turned known as the spice route.

In the 14th and 15th generations, cinnamon was made use of in sauces in the households of the nobility. In France, cinnamon was utilised since of its pungent taste in black sauces when pepper was not available. Cinnamon, having said that, was nevertheless really uncommon, and European feminine slaves ended up typically traded to the Arabs for it.

Cinnamon did not become commonly made use of in Europe right up until the discovery of the Spice Islands (Indonesia) by Magellan. By the early 1500s, cinnamon was employed in nearly each individual dish in Italy. It also turned one particular of the most essential seasonings in English cooking. Anything was required to spruce up that bland cuisine.

In spite of potent Portuguese competitiveness, the Dutch were masters of the cinnamon trade — not only in Indonesia, but also in Ceylon. The Dutch East India Firm grew abundant on spices, and its most successful a single was cinnamon.

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