Is Parsley A Bad Breath Solution?

Bad breath is a common cause for awkwardness for many people especially when they are in close proximity to another person e.g.: going on a date, taking an interview, or being at a wedding. While a small percentage of people suffer from this condition on a regular basis, a larger percentage of people experience it only occasionally.

The condition may be associated with teeth and gum problems or due to some trouble originating from the lungs or the stomach. It may also crop up when the person is suffering from some illness such as cold, upper respiratory tract infections, sore throat, etc. It may also originate if there is drying up of the mouth (xerostomia) or in cases of poor oral hygiene.

If the cause for bad breath is due to some systemic illness or due to teeth and gum problems, there is no remedy to negate the bad breath unless the underlying source is treated. Once the basis for the condition is identified and treated, the bad breath disappears on its own. You can treat these sources with natural remedies, but you need a combination of items to make the proper recipe.

But if the source for the condition is due to poor oral hygiene or due to drying up of the mouth, improving on the hygiene and the use of some age-old home remedies do bring about progress in reducing the condition.

One among such time tested home remedies to temporarily reduce bad breath is the use of parsley. This has been used in various forms for many years and is favored by many people. The leaves of Parsley are rich in chlorophyll and acts as a powerful neutralizer of bad breath. Chlorophyll is an anti-mutagen that acts as a very good deodorizer.

Parsley has been used in various forms to combat bad breath, but the effects are at its best when it is fresh. Parsley is the best antidote for bad breath especially for reducing garlic-odor when some food containing garlic has been consumed.

When dining outside in a restaurant, if a person feels that he/ she is having bad breath the easiest way out is to order a dish that contains Parsley. Chewing on the leaves will give instant relief and avoid embarrassment.

Chewing on parsley sprigs dipped in vinegar also helps combat bad breath. This when chewed and swallowed and helps in improving the digestion. The sprigs of Parsley when swallowed also help in reducing intestinal gases that may further reduce bad breath.

Many breath fresheners that are commercially available contain Parsley as one of its ingredients. The aromatic oils of parsley used in these breath fresheners are ideal in reducing bad breath.

Parsley contained in a capsule was commercially available as a method to combat bad breath. This was marketed with the concept saying that the condition is a problem of the digestive tract and not from the oral cavity. This product was later removed from the market when the company’s claims were challenged in the court by other competitors in the field.

Parsley is also used to make a homemade remedy to fight bad breath. It is boiled in water along with some whole or ground cloves and the mixture is then cooled and strained. This strained product of Parsley and cloves is gargled as a mouthwash to help reduce bad breath.

Though many commercial products are available in the market, many people still prefer to use simple, natural and easily available remedies such as Parsley to help them battle killer bad breath. Unfortunately, for those who suffer from chronic bad breath, or halitosis, a simple solution like this will not be sufficient.

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