Meals hacks: The cooking tricks and culinary shortcuts that went viral in 2020

Individuals genuinely cooked a whole lot this calendar year — or at minimum claimed they did on Instagram. But for each and every person who attempted their arms at sourdough bread and whipped coffee, lots of appeared to be more involved with gaming the kitchen area process.

Down below are the leading viral foods hacks of 2020.

Opening a wine bottle devoid of a corkscrew

No extended will your celebration whine about not obtaining a corkscrew with this helpful hack. All you need to have to pull it off are the basics that any thirsty oenophile should to have: a wine bottle, an athletic shoe and (of system) a sturdy tree.

Reducing cake with a wine glass

Is the common method of chopping a cake too hard? Are you doubtful of what to do with all your wine glasses? This hack manages to resolve each of people troubles in a person fell scoop. This party-authorized hack recently went viral, prompting cake enthusiasts across TikTok to vow to try the slash-and-scoop trick at their following gettogether.


Egg sandwich shortcut

Cooking an egg and then toasting bread to make an egg sandwich is so 2019. In its place, check out executing it all at the moment with just a skillet. This hack, which went viral on Instagram and Tiktok, instructs viewers to check out the “dip and a flip” strategy for producing the vintage breakfast staple.


Opening espresso creamer with the lid

Do not even chat to coffee enthusiasts right before they’ve realized this early morning hack. The package-opening trick for coffee creamer has been referred to as “everyday living- changing” by those on TikTok. At the quite least, it’s going to save your nails from needless wear-and-tear.

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Funds-preserving Starbucks kids’ consume

This revenue-conserving hack is aimed at children — specially your children — who want their possess tiny Starbucks beverage, just like yours. Ana Garcia, the creator of the hack, instead indicates asking for a Starbucks drinking water cup with ice at the travel-thru and then adding store-acquired Kool-Support powder.

Stop food items spills on the counter

Photo this: Your counter sticky with spilled food items. Your dishes caked with drippy residue.Very well, you can no for a longer period have to wrestle with these troubles when cooking, many thanks to a TikTok video that extolls the virtues of essential physics in the kitchen area.

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