May 7, 2021


Cooking is a hobby

Orange County’s Best New Dining places of 2021

Images by Emily J. Davis

A aware look at our eating landscape reveals adjustments that have been unfathomable a yr in the past. So much has been shed and gained, invented and deferred. It is a great deal to digest, so we’re breaking down the metamorphosis in servings of five. Between the several classes, we’ll by no means eliminate sight of this reality: Dining places are crucial.

Restaurant of the Calendar year: Porch & Swing

➜ Porch & Swing Is Our 2021 Restaurant Of The Calendar year


➜ Mayfield Features California Cuisine with Timeless Mediterranean Flavors effective-new-eating places-2021-mayfield-attributes-california-delicacies-with-timeless-mediterranean-flavors/


➜ Glasspar is a Spiffy Seafooder with a Deluxe Fish Industry places-2021-glasspar-is-a-spiffy-seafooder-with-a-deluxe-fish-market place/


➜ Shorebird Provides Fashionable American Fare in a Stunning Venue places-2021-shorebird-provides-modern-day-american-fare-in-a-stunning-venue/


➜ Sapphire in Laguna Seaside Sparkles Anew places-2021-sapphire-in-laguna-beach front-sparkles-anew/

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