Electromagnetic Charges in Food!

“Taking in foods that take away more energy than they provide will lower Your bodies ability to deal with the natural processes of Digestion, assimilation and elimination.” Our bodies operate on a subtle electromagnetic current. Nerve signals are in fact electrical charges-your brain, heart, and all organs emit and create […]

Manchu Wok – Franchise Review

Machu Wok was founded in 1980, and by 1989 had grown into a franchise across the United States and Canada. The ownership changed in 1989, and the expansion of the franchise continued, with the focus being on the United States. It originally specialized in opening restaurants in high traffic locations […]

Food and Breast Cancer

Food or diet cannot cure breast cancer. But there are some foods which can make your body healthier and boost your immune system to fight the risk of this type of cancer. But if we count only food to fight breast cancer then it will be an utter mistake. Your […]

Visiting London

The capital of England, London is one of the most visited destinations in the world. 27 million tourists stay in London each year – surely they all can’t be wrong? Picturesque, beautiful and peaceful describe a city that also never sleeps, has a thriving, world famous night life and has […]

Cooking Food

People all over the world eat cooked food, but people in different countries cook their food differently. Most people in this country like to eat meat, fish and vegetables cooked, but there are some people who like to eat raw fish. With the expectation of some vegetables and fruits, most […]