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Staples at Wholey’s are what McNally refers to as “value products” this kind of as whiting at $2.50 a pound, a specific on a modern week, and frozen tilapia filets at $3.98 a pound, a common attribute.

A thing to consider when it will come to expense is the lack of squander in products bought, claimed Dewey, who factors out that the the vast majority of seafood currently being offered at his counter is heading at an “already-prepped” value for each pound.

“It’s 100 percent utilization. No trimming or cleansing. There’s totally no squander (for the consumer,)” Dewey said.

He emphasized that tiny is required in the way of accoutrements to raise the seafood to its highest form: a splash of dry white wine, a pat of butter, a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, some salt and pepper — maybe a bit of minced garlic or shallot or some soft or toasted breadcrumbs.

“I know individuals feel it is challenging. But, really, cooking fish is a single of the best issues to do in the kitchen,” Dewey said. “Once you invest in the fish, you are in the property stretch.”

A recommendation for some delicious, inexpensive compromises

Wholey’s seafood manager, John McNally, provides the pursuing ideas for economizing, further than purchasing for specials.

— Scallops are a delicate and tender seafood that normally takes on the flavor of what it’s offered. Sautéed with a sauce of dry white wine, minced shallots and butter, it is a delicacy, McNally mentioned. But, perhaps the expense-mindful shopper does not want to devote $19.98 a pound for huge, assertion-sized sea scallops. A fair compromise is the smaller bay scallop at $8.98 a pound, he stated.

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