Puppy Training Help – 2 Simple and Easy Pug Puppy Training Tips

If you want to know some simple and easy pug puppy training tips, then you cannot miss this article because in this article I will reveal to your simple tips that could answer some of your problems when training your pug puppy. In this article, I will reveal to you how to train your puppy not to bite, and train your pug not to jump.

All of those training are essential for all puppy and your pug are no exception, so now here’s the tips:

Train your pug puppy not to bite.

For the first training is to train your pug not to bite. Pug puppy have to train not to bite since the pug still young because this behavior will be dangerous when he got bigger. To train your pug not to bite is simply give him something to chew, give him some chew-toys or ropes for him to chew.

And also do not forget to socialize your puppy, take the pug to meet with other dogs, other people, and also other animals.

Train your pug puppy not to jump.

The next training is to train your pug not to jump. Jumping behavior on young puppy might be cute for the first time, but it won’t be funny anymore if the pug jump on you when you are on your suit or dress and mess up your clothes.

To stop your pug from jumping, you can simply ignore him when he is jumping for an attention, if you do this consistently he will think that jumping is not a good idea if he wants and attention. There is some other things that you can do.

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