The 25 Best Restaurants In Cleveland Right Now, According To Yelp Users


11401 Bellflower Rd., Cleveland

“I lived in Cleveland for years during college and would come to L’Albatros nearly every week to eat at the bar. Came back into town years later for a friend’s wedding and it was even better than I remember. The wine selection is great, even by the glass. We got the Onion Soup, which is the best I’ve ever had. The mussels were delicious, topped with crispy fries and remoulade sauce. The cassoulet was so rich and flavorful, with perfectly cooked duck, sausage, lamb, and pork belly. I would make a special trip to Cleveland from Seattle just to come eat here again!” Jamie O. on Yelp

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5417 Detroit Ave., Cleveland

“Astoria is a CLE must-go. You get a traditional European style. The cheese boards and wine are by far my fav. Their cocktail list looked pretty amazing, I’d love to give them a try. They have indoor and outdoor seating. They also have a small market area if you need to pick up a bottle of wine for the home. Can’t wait to go back and try a new board,” Kaylyn G. on Yelp

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Il Rione

1303 West 65th St., Cleveland

“I have lived in Cleveland for about 25 years now and this is the best pizza I have found here. The crust is light and chewy and the ratio of topping to crust is perfect. It’s really nice to finally find pizza this good on the West Side,” Jodi B. on Yelp

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Lox, Stock and Brisket

3441 Tuttle Rd., Shaker Heights

“I absolutely love this spot. Once you’ve been here, you can’t imagine why you haven’t been coming here more often. This isn’t directly in my neck of the woods, but now that I’ve tasted the amazingness here, I would certainly go out of my way again to visit again. I ordered the Upper East Side because I was eager to try their namesake brisket. It was everything I hoped it would be! The brisket was lean and succulent and in a super generous portion. Every bite was just perfect! I was totally satisfied with half of my sandwich and had the most delightful leftovers for lunch the next day. I also had a side of matzo ball soup. I can safely say it was the best matzo ball soup I’ve ever had. The flavor was so satisfying, like it was made by a skilled ethnic grandma from the old country,” Lauren K. on Yelp

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Ferris Shwarma

13507 Lakewood Heights Blvd., Lakewood

“Hands down the best shawarma I’ve ever had. My favorite is the chicken shawarma plate that comes with a sliced chicken shawarma wrap, fries, and garlic sauce, but it honestly looks like you can’t go wrong here. They have a relatively simple menu, but shawarma doesn’t need to be complicated. You get a lot of great tasting food for a super reasonable price. I haven’t tried their hummus or desserts yet, but those are next on my list,” Maeve P. on Yelp

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Noble Beast

1470 Lakeside Ave. East, Cleveland

“Let me tell you, Noble Beast Brewing was excellent. Moderately priced and high quality. Corn Dog is one of their most recommended menu items, I love it, and I think you have to try it as well. The staff is very courteous. I really valued that. Noble Beast Brewing – I’ll be back,” Abbi P. on Yelp

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SOHO Chicken + Whiskey/Chicken Run

1889 W. 25th St., Cleveland

“Oh my goodness, this is probably my favorite restaurant in Cleveland right now. I love chicken and waffles. This takes chicken and waffles to another level. I thought rosemary waffles would be nasty, but they were absolutely delicious with the chicken. The chicken portions are huge; I got 2 pieces but was stuffed after one,” Lydia D. on Yelp

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Earth Bistro Cafe

11100 Clifton Ave., Cleveland

“This is one of my new favorite restaurants in CLE! For the price you get so much tasty food. Pictured is the fried tofu sandwich and my friend got the marinated tofu wrap which was also to die for. If you’re looking for a great restaurant with quick service this is the place. Perfect for meat eaters and vegetarians, plus anything can be made vegan! Go support this local business, I can’t wait to come back,” Kylie S. on Yelp.

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LJ Shanghai

3142 Superior Ave., Cleveland

“Omg this is a must go in Asia town!!!!!! I legit could eat there once a week – I love it so much! The soup dumplings are everything!!! You gotta get the pan fried noodles with beef, they are cooked to perfection! The spicy wontons are a must but warning they are spicy so avoid them if you don’t like the heat!! 10/10 for me!” Kelly J. on Yelp

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Sabor Miami Cafe and Gallery

4848 Broadview Rd., Cleveland

“My boyfriend and I decided to grab breakfast here since we were both craving an el típico and, wow, are we glad that we that we did! We both got a Chorizo Honduran Breakfast and a Cuban Colado. It was a ton of food and ended up being two meals for me (admittedly only one for the boyfriend). Everything was amazingly delicious, but the handmade tortillas and beans were the best. We will definitely be back!” Alycia G. on Yelp

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Herb’n Twine

4309 Lorain Ave., Cleveland

“One of my favorite sandwich shops in North America! Yeah I said it…The portions are huge, flavor combinations are complementary, and the bread is homemade/fresh. The homemade/fresh bread is such a game changer. My favorite is the Cubano…the perfect sandwich really. If there was a location in Chicago I would frequent weekly,” Daniel W. on Yelp

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Corner 11

2391 West 11th St., Cleveland

“I love this place, I really thought that an authentic and fresh poke place would be hard to find in Cleveland, but this place really. hits the spot. The ingredients are so fresh that the poke bowls really pop at you as they should. So many options for toppings and variety to spice things up. At 12.50 for a medium bowl, it’s all pretty affordable for quality poke and I was very full after finishing, a large might be good for two people to share. I’m a sucker for tuna and salmon, so that’s what I ordered this time around, but will definitely come back to mix things up a little and try the rest of the menu!” Lloyd C. on Yelp

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Express Deli

5185 Smith Rd., Cleveland

“One of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had. And when I say experience, I’m not joking. They make you feel so welcome here, and obviously take so much pride in everything they do. I love the first time customer sample platter. What an awesome touch. The corned beef Mac and cheese and Reuben wrap were to die for. I’d come out if my way to eat here, even though it’s just a little convenience store deli,” Adam R. on Yelp

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28500 Miles Rd., Solon

“I love Munch! They’re right next to my gym so it’s always easy to pop in. The food is healthy and the daily soups are great! They offer both vegan and non vegan choices and the ingredients they use taste fresh and are always delicious!” John P. on Yelp.

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Cleveland Tiffin – Punjabi Dhaba

4630 Warrensville Center Rd., North Randall

”Not sure how we missed this amazing little gem of a restaurant, but happy we found it and will definitely be going back. My husband decided to order goat saag, my son chicken saag, my other kids the chicken tikka masala, and I had the chili chicken. All of this was amazing and bountiful in portions. The chicken and goat were so juicy and flavorful. Additionally, we had some samosas , chicken korma, and naan. All of it was perfect,” Emma Y. on Yelp.

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Mizu Japanese Sushi Restaurant

10219 Brookpark Rd., Parma

“We are back at our favorite sushi place, Mizu Japanese Sushi, for some much-needed home favorites. We ordered the simple but delicious spicy tuna rolls, a Mexican roll and the incredible mustard rolls. We are never disappointed when we come here. The staff is attentive and very knowledgeable and will help point you in the right direction if you’re new to sushi or want to try something new. Mizu proves that the restaurant doesn’t have to be in a fancy location to be incredible! ,” Nathan B. on Yelp.

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Boney Fingers BBQ

1800 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

”Delicious BBQ! We tried the pulled pork and brisket sandwiches for lunch and they were so tasty! My fiancé has been hyping up his favorite BBQ spot for over a year and I was finally able to try and it did not disappoint! The brisket was our favorite and it was juicy and tender. Their two types of sauce were great additions to the sandwich and the cornbread was awesome as well! Reasonably priced, good food! Definitely worth a visit!!” Courtney S. on Yelp

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Rowley Inn

1104 Rowley Ave., Cleveland

“Wow what a great find in Tremont area of Cleveland. We were looking for a place to enjoy some pierogi. This bar showed up in our search and they had quite a unique menu. It’s located in a neighborhood and not on the main drag so it is worth searching out. They serve a variety of local beers on draft and in bottles. The menu had quite a variety to choose from. We had the kielbasa and pierogi plate which was filling and delicious. When you leave you can also visit the Christmas Story house that is located directly across the street,” Eric S. on Yelp

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14319 Madison Ave., Lakewood

“I wish I could give 6 stars. Every single pizza here is SO delicious! I love that it’s made fresh right in their exposed kitchen so you can watch the awesome process. You can tell the owners really care about the quality and service they provide. Also they have the friendliest staff! My favorite pizzas are the Marinara Pizza and Leonardo Pizza but you have to try everything at least once!” Angeleah P. on Yelp

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Momo’s Kebab

2199 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights

“This is the best hidden gem in Cleveland. The food is deliciously fragrant and takes you traveling through an aromatic journey. The kindness and hospitality that Momo shows his guests is unparalleled. This is my top choice for dinner any night of the week, especially since the couscous special is now a daily occurrence and not just Fridays anymore!” Sophia Z. on Yelp

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Hatfields Goode Grub

17001 Madison Ave., Lakewood

“I lived in Charleston, SC for 5yrs & was absolutely spoiled by the food there & I quickly fell in love with grits but… Hatfield’s takes the cake! Best grits, best sausage gravy AND we’re in Cleveland!? I never would’ve imagined I’d find such good Southern food so far north but here it is! Banana pudding is incredible too!! Better than my great aunt’s homemade!” Ashley W. on Yelp

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El Arepazo Y Pupuseria

22799 Lorain Rd., Fairview Park

”This place was so yummy! I went with some friends who wanted pupusas and they were so tasty! Lots of flavor options were available, both with meat and vegetarian. They also come with some slaw and sauce to put on top which were a nice addition. I also got some guacamole and tostones which were super tasty. I will be coming back to try other things on the menu, because it all looked delicious!” Jill K. on Yelp.

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La Plaza Supermarket

13609 Lakewood Heights Blvd., Lakewood

“Today, I had the best Mexican food of my life at La Plaza Supermarket! La Plaza Taqueria, located in the front of La Plaza Supermarket, is amazing!!! The small restaurant was crowded with locals. The restaurant offers tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas; just to name a few items. While they have many protein choices, I chose carne asada which was absolute perfection! I also had homemade chips and guacamole which was also amazing! I definitely plan on making myself a regular here and coming back to introduce friends to the best Mexican food of my life!” Melanie N. on Yelp

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Rood Food and Pie

17001 Madison Ave., Lakewood

“Wow. This place exceeded expectations! Super cute atmosphere and excellent service. My party also had the arancini balls and the asiago crusted chicken. But the pie is even better than the dinner! I had a slice of the Smoky black raspberry chocolate pie(dairy free/gluten free). Very rich but delicious! Will definitely be returning,” Kalee D. on Yelp

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Edwin’s Leadership and Restaurant Institute

13101 Shaker Square., Cleveland

“Finally! This is the fine dining experience I’d been seeking but had never gotten from other restaurants: Multiple people will greet you coming into and leaving the restaurant; Attentive service ( your bread plate won’t be empty for even a nanosecond); every course bountiful and seasoned to perfection; your mixed drink will be the best mixed drink; your dessert will be wonderful. If you alert them that you are there as a special occasion celebration they will note that too. Thank you EDWINS for a flawless experience,” Diane W. on Yelp

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