This Celebrity Trainer Shared the Diet That Keeps Him Shredded

As a personalized coach, Magnus Lygdback has helped motion picture stars like Ben Affleck, James McAvoy and Gal Gadot get into outstanding form for big monitor roles. Most just lately, he labored with Alexander Skarsgard on sculpting a Viking physique for the motion epic The Northman. In a new movie on his YouTube channel, Lygdback shares how he stays lean, and provides a operate-down of what he eats each working day to increase his gains.

Lygdback clarifies that he eats 5 occasions a day and thinks in four-day cycles. Which is 20 foods, and Lygdback makes sure that 17 of these are on stage. The remaining foods can be whatsoever he likes.

“I’m a large believer that the diet regime which is the ideal diet plan for you is the one you can stick to,” he says. “I don’t like to deprive myself of food items that I like… What I am truly having to pay interest to is how quite a few periods I am having all those sorts of meals in a 4 working day cycle.”

As he weighs all-around 190 kilos, that suggests Lygdback aims to take in 190 grams of protein each working day, as he follows the rule of thumb of 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight. He then attempts to try to eat 300 grams of carbs and 120 grams of extra fat. “I really don’t stroll all around on a every day foundation counting energy and macros,” he claims. “I have been executing this for these types of a very long time, I can additional or less eye it. I know what 40 grams of protein seems to be like… I know close to, and which is very good enough.”

On a usual working day, Lygdback’s first meal of the day is a breakfast quesadilla made with 4 eggs, flour tortillas, cheese, and pickled jalapeños. For the next food, he likes to maintain factors mild: smoked salmon on rye crackers. Then, the third and fourth meals of the day are likely to search very equivalent, and he prepares them equally collectively to save time: this is typically fish with sweet potatoes, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. He follows this with a snack, comprising cottage cheese and Greek yogurt with fruit, nuts, and cinnamon. Then the closing meal of the working day is ribeye steak with salad.

“It is critical that you get enough gas to be capable to put on as a great deal muscle mass mass as feasible,” states Lygdback. “I’m not a enormous enthusiast of overeating or bulking far too substantially… I do not assume you need to have to set on a bunch of body fat just to get maximum amounts of muscle mass mass.”

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