Top 7 Thermogenic Fat Loss Supplements of 2021

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When it comes to weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise are critical. However, sometimes diet and exercise alone can’t help you overcome your latest weight plateau or take your physique to the next level.

If you’ve put in the hours at the gym and have had more green smoothies than you can count, you may want to consider a natural fat burner. These burner supplements encourage thermogenesis, a natural process that increases your body’s heat and boosts your metabolic performance.

When your body reaches thermogenesis, you’ll burn calories faster after eating – and feel less hungry between meals. Plus, the natural metabolism-revving ingredients will increase your energy levels and help you power through the day.

If you’re ready to reignite your weight loss journey but not sure where to start, you’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed the top fat burner supplements available, then narrowed the list down to the seven safest natural burner supplement products to help you crush your weight loss goals.

Top 7 Best Fat Burners on the Market

PhenQ: Best Overall

LeanBean: Best for Women

Burn Lab Pro: Best for Belly Fat

Instant Knockout: Best for Men

OneShot Keto: Best for Keto Diet

Meticore: Best for Boosting Metabolism

TrimTone: Best for Appetite Suppression

#1 PhenQ: Most Effective for Fat Loss

Of the seven best fat-burner supplements we reviewed for this article, PhenQ ranks the highest overall thanks to its five-in-one formulation. The thermogenic fat burner supports your body in dropping excess weight, blocking new fat production, suppressing your appetite, improving energy levels, and lifting your mood for a positive experience all around.

Both men and women can enjoy greater energy, improved fat loss, and increased metabolism with PhenQ. Like other weight loss supplements, the fat burner shifts your body into gear through the thermogenic process. However, the weight-loss supplement offers one significant advantage: ?-Lacys Reset®.

The fat-burning supplement’s proprietary ?-Lacys Reset® formula combines Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Cysteine to fire up your metabolism and increase your body temperature. The added heat enables you to burn calories at a higher rate, melting away excess fat, improving your overall health, and achieving your weight loss goals faster.

While many people have a healthy level of skepticism when it comes to thermogenic fat burners, you can rest assured that PhenQ provides safe, effective results. The 100% vegan- and vegetarian- approved formula contains only natural ingredients, such as:

α-Lacys Reset

Capsimax powder

Chromium picolinate



L-Carnitine fumarate

The scientifically-backed formula targets weight loss from five different angles for high success rates in both men and women over 18. When paired with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, PhenQ will help you burn fat so you can finally have the body you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, you can easily incorporate PhenQ into your daily routine.

Take one PhenQ capsule in the morning with breakfast and another with lunch. Because the supplement contains caffeine, you should try to avoid taking PhenQ in the afternoon. Otherwise, the caffeine in the supplement can interfere with your sleeping patterns. If you tend to avoid caffeine in general or are sensitive to it, the company recommends avoiding coffee or other caffeinated drinks when using PhenQ.

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#2 Leanbean: Best Fat Burner for Women

LeanBean is our top choice for the best fat burner for females. Many weight loss supplement products can help men and women achieve their weight loss goals faster. However, LeanBean knows that women often face unique hurdles when dropping weight, gaining muscle, and creating a lean, athletic physique.

For example, the company references a 2010 Scientific American article pointing to evidence that women have more difficulty avoiding cravings than their male counterparts. Additionally, decreased muscle mass and low energy levels can impede women’s weight loss. With these challenges in mind, LeanBean developed its professionally-formulated fat burner for women.

LeanBean works alongside a regular weight loss program to ignite the thermogenic process in your body. The supplement empowers users to lose weight, burn fat, and reach their physical goals without using dangerous fillers and additives.

LeanBean’s fat-burning supplements consist of only 12 natural ingredients. Here is the full ingredient list for LeanBean:

Konjac fiber


Chromium picolinate

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12



Green coffee


Garcinia cambogia

Acai berry


Instead of making false claims of “miraculous” results, LeanBean can help women achieve an active lifestyle and improved well-being. The thermogenic fat burner multiplies your energy levels for sustainable fat loss. Plus, even caffeine-sensitive users find that they feel calm and energetic while using LeanBean.

For optimum results, take two LeanBean capsules three times a day. The company recommends using the supplements before meals and with plenty of water to allow the konjac fiber – also known as glucomannan – to take effect. The natural ingredient will expand in your stomach, help you avoid oversized portions, and keep you fuller between meals.

While a weight loss supplement alone can’t give you the abs, arms, and legs you want, LeanBean provides the metabolic boost you need for a fit, firm physique, naturally.

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#3 Burn Lab Pro: High Quality Belly Fat Burner

Are you struggling to burn stubborn belly fat? You’re not alone! Successful weight loss requires more than dropping water weight. You need to lose fat, block continued fat production, and maintain your muscle mass for an enviable physique.

Burn Lab Pro’s carefully formulated fat burner supplements help your body do just that. The burner supplement uses common ingredients that encourage fat-burning. However, Burn Lab Pro earns its rank as one of the best fat burner supplements thanks to the dosage of HMB in the formula.

HMB – also known as hydroxy methylbutyrate – shows promising links to maintained or improved muscle development with regular use. Burn Lab Pro includes a healthy dose of the amino acid in its scientifically-designed formula to help ignite your metabolism and burn fat faster.

Additionally, this belly fat burner works alongside regular physical activity and a healthy diet to help you lose more weight, develop lean muscle, and transform your body faster than other supplements.

Burn Lab Pro’s groundbreaking formula blends vegan-friendly weight loss ingredients and vital minerals your body needs to support a healthy lifestyle. The company steers clear of dangerous additives and fillers for a clean, effective thermogenic fat burner.

Everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors can enhance muscle gains and fat loss thanks to safe ingredients like:

Capsimax® chili pepper extract

B-Hydroxyl B-Methylbutyrate (HMB)

Nutrigenesis® GTF chromium

BioPerine® black pepper extract

• >ForsLean® root


Unlike other weight loss supplements, Burn Lab Pro does not contain any caffeine. The stimulant-free supplement makes it one of the best fat-burner formulas for users with caffeine sensitivity. The formula won’t result in the jittery, anxious feelings other products can cause.

Plus, the supplement helps improve weight loss without decreasing muscle development, making it a favorite for bodybuilders. If you want to drop weight, burn fat, and build lean muscle, Burn Lab Pro’s fat-burning supplement may work for you.

Simply take two to four capsules 15 minutes before working out. Burn Lab Pro recommends fasted training to enhance the effects of the thermogenic fat burner. That said, you should always check with your doctor before beginning a fasting regimen, training program, or fat-burning supplement to ensure proper dosage and safe use.

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#4 Instant Knockout: Strong Fat Burner Pills for Men

The original Instant Knockout formula helped professional fighters drop weight to meet a deadline. After witnessing the burner’s results, the company launched the multifunctional thermogenic fat burner worldwide.

Instant Knockout’s potent formula gives your body temperature and metabolic rates a lift for a jitter-free, total-body burn. Considered the best fat burner for men, users can experience higher energy levels and rapid fat loss while still building lean muscle. When you combine it with a workout regime and healthy diet, Instant Knockout can help propel supercharge your weight loss journey.

Instant Knockout keeps your body revved to the max. You’ll achieve perpetual thermogenesis, which means you can burn fat all day long – even when you’re working or relaxing. The secret lies in the precise combination of fat-burning ingredients. The company conducted extensive research when developing the fat burner and hand-selected each ingredient.

Like the other thermogenic fat burners this article reviews, Instant Knockout relies on plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals to fuel results. The blend of warming ingredients, fiber-rich appetite suppressants, and anti-fatigue vitamins include:

Green tea extract

Cayenne pepper seeds


Caffeine anhydrous

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

GTF chromium



Green coffee bean

Instant Knockout recommends a slightly more complicated dosage than other supplements. However, the multiple doses result in continual fat burning to help you lose weight faster. The company recommends taking one tablet four times per day, beginning in the morning and ending in the afternoon.

The supplements do boast a significant amount of caffeine. Caffeine helps increase metabolism and fat burning, but users with a sensitivity to caffeine may prefer a stimulant-free option. And while the formula may work well for men, all genders can experience the cutting-edge fat burner, too.

If you’re ready to melt stubborn body fat, manage food cravings, and transform your metabolism, Instant Knockout’s fat-burning formula is up to the challenge.

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#5 OneShot Keto: Best Keto Diet Supplement

The Keto trend continues to grow in popularity – with good reason! The diet claims to keep your body in ketosis, burning fat between workouts for a lean, toned frame. OneShot Keto assists in achieving continual ketosis, thanks to its natural BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) ketone salts.

With fewer ingredients than other thermogenic fat burners, health-conscious users can confidently reach for OneShot Keto supplements. The side-effect-free weight loss pill works well on its own or paired with a regular workout regime.

The company even claims you can see drastic changes in the first month, providing a confidence boost and enhanced focus as you continue to sculpt your body. However, you should reasonably expect changes within three months of regular use.

This fat burner supplement launches a state of perpetual ketosis in the body. The powerful fat-burning mode helps you lose weight, enhance your metabolism, and achieve optimum mental and physical performance. Additionally, the fat burner can support your immune system for increased overall wellness.

OneShot Keto consists of 100% natural ketone salts. While your liver creates ketones in your body, OneShot Keto raises your numbers for a more intense level of ketosis. The result? Faster weight loss, decreased glucose levels, appetite management, and a lean, sculpted physique.

The five-ingredient formula consists of:

Calcium BHB

Sodium BHB

Magnesium BHB

MCT oil

BioPerine black pepper extract

OneShot Keto works quickly, especially when you combine it with a ketogenic diet. The manufacturer recommends that you take two OneShot Keto thermogenic fat burners daily to fuel your performance, speed up weight loss, and increase ketones. The company advises taking the capsules 30 minutes before your first and last meals of the day with a full glass of water.

While regular exercise can enhance your results, the company claims that you can burn stubborn body fat, improve your mental focus, tame food cravings, and lose weight with the addition of the fat burner.

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#6 Meticore: Best Metabolism Booster

If you’re struggling to burn fat, lose weight, or keep weight off, you may suspect an underperforming metabolism. Low metabolic function can impact every aspect of your life, from low energy and fatigue to a lack of mental focus and – of course – increased body fat. But rather than accepting a low metabolism as a side effect of age or genetics, you can rev your metabolic function and lose weight with Meticore.

Meticore’s scientifically-backed organic formula triggers your metabolic system for enhanced weight loss, making it one of the best fat burners for boosting your metabolism. The all-natural ingredients result in safe, effective weight loss and a jolt of energy, making Meticore a suitable fat burner for women and men of all ages.

Meticore combines six plant extracts doctors have recommended to torch excess fat and raise your body temperature to initiate the thermogenic process. The potent blend supports your body as it converts stored fat to fuel for performance. Plus, the extra energy will keep you more active, resulting in improved overall wellness in users.

Meticore goes beyond physical appearance, however. The fat burner may even help lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipid levels in your body while slowing down the aging process. The secret to the fat burner’s efficacy lies in the powerful combination of ingredients, including:

Turmeric root

Ginger root

Moringa tree leaves

African mango


Bitter orange

If you’ve tried everything from high-intensity training to strict diets and still can’t seem to lose the extra fat, Meticore may help. The safe, natural product claims to provide results without dangerous diet pills, extreme dieting, or exhausting workouts.

Meticore makes it easy to improve your metabolic function and burn fat. The manufacturer recommends one capsule each day in the morning with food and water. Keep in mind that Meticore won’t produce an overnight miracle. Instead, you’ll need to use the fat burner regularly for at least three months for best results.

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#7 TrimTone: Good Female Appetite Suppressant

Rounding out our review of the best fat burners available in 2021, TrimTone comes last, but certainly not least. TrimTone stimulates the metabolism for extra calorie burning while working as an appetite suppressant thanks to the presence of konjac fiber, also known as glucomannan.

While TrimTone targets active women with busy lifestyles, the fat burner works well for anyone struggling with food cravings or appetite management. Like other thermogenic fat burners, the supplement improves your health and reduces weight gain while turning up the heat on your internal thermometer.

The supplement comprises 100% natural, safe, and effective ingredients for enhanced weight loss, energy, and mental and athletic performance. TrimTone triggers the fat-burning process and even guides your body to burn stored fat for extra energy on the go.

Additionally, the supplement helps regulate your blood sugar and prevent additional weight gain in the future, a feature lacking in other fat burners.

TrimTone caters to discerning customers with a passion for healthy products. The formula pairs well with a healthy diet and exercise. Plus, TrimTone supplements have only five ingredients:

Caffeine anhydrous

Green coffee

Green tea extract

Grains of paradise

Konjac fiber

If your active lifestyle demands a healthier, leaner body, TrimTone can help you burn more fat in less time. The appetite suppressant and burner supplement activates thermogenesis from your first dose. At the same time, the nutrient-dense ingredients provide health benefits like blood sugar regulation, improved metabolic function, and food cravings management.

TrimTone makes it easy to kickstart your fitness journey. Simply take one supplement in the morning, before your first meal, with a glass of water. Say goodbye to the merry-go-round of useless diet pills and solve the problem of stagnated weight loss and low energy reserves with reliable, effective supplements from TrimTone.

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How Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Work For Weight Loss?

Though you may encounter countless weight loss pills online, you may assume all diet pills are the same. In reality, each type of weight loss pill has its own features – some of which, as you may already know, can result in dangerous or potentially deadly side effects.

However, the thermogenic fat burners this article has reviewed provide safe, effective results, including enhanced energy and improved wellness. The supplements stimulate your body with vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients like coffee, green tea, glucomannan fiber, and ginger.

These plant extracts and vital nutrients elevate your body temperature slightly, jump-starting the calorie-burning process. To break it down even further, we’ll take a look at the three ways fat burners help you drop pounds.

Fat Oxidation

Contrary to popular belief, thermogenic fat burners don’t simply “melt” the fat away. Instead, companies use specific ingredients that help your body use – or oxidize – stored fat as fuel. Fat burners commonly add green tea extract and L-carnitine to initiate the fat oxidation process.


Thermogenesis occurs when your body temperature rises slightly. The higher temperature helps boost calorie burning between workouts. Thermogenic fat burners include ingredients that crank up your internal thermostat and stimulate lipolysis, the process that breaks down stored fat.

Appetite Suppression

Between family dinners, on-the-go lunches, and late-night food cravings, maintaining the calorie deficit needed for weight loss can feel impossible. Thankfully, the companies we reviewed in this article know how complex appetite management can seem.

Most fat burners use appetite suppressants such as glucomannan. These gut-friendly additives expand in your stomach, making you feel fuller longer. When you feel more satisfied after your meals, you’re better prepared to ignore your midnight cravings and get more out of your diet and exercise regime.

What to Look for in the Top-Rated Fat Burning Supplements

When it comes to weight loss support, err on the side of caution. Some fat burner supplements conceal dangerous amounts of stimulants that could cause high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, or anxiety. Others may use laxatives to help users drop water weight quickly without burning fat.

Before you purchase a fat burner, you should ensure that it suits your needs and checks four critical boxes for safety, efficacy, and satisfaction.

Clean Labels

A good belly fat burner should never contain synthetic ingredients, hormones like testosterone, or dangerous doses of stimulants. Check your supplement’s labels for safe and recognizable ingredients, and perform a quick internet search if any one of the ingredients concerns you.

Additionally, check with your doctor before you begin using fat burners. While rare, some ingredients can interact with certain prescription medications.

Natural Ingredients

An effective fat burner calls on ingredients like green tea extract, coffee bean extract, B vitamins, ginger, and turmeric that should improve energy and initiate your body’s thermogenesis process.

The clean ingredients help burn more calories, manage your appetite, and enhance overall performance. Plus, scientifically-formulated supplements can provide other health benefits, too, like regulating blood sugar.

Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee can make or break a sale when it comes to thermogenic fat burners. Before signing up for a year of supplements, ensure that the brand offers a money-back guarantee. Meticore, for example, provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, while TrimTone offers a 100-day refund promise.

Fat Burner Reviews

Finally, read a few customer reviews (preferably on multiple websites) before purchasing a fat burner. Everybody has their own needs when it comes to successful weight loss, but the reviews should contain more positive experiences than negative ones.

Keep an eye out for undisclosed side effects mentioned in the reviews, and always take before-and-after testimonials with a grain of salt. Also, be aware that manufacturers fund many online reviews, so not all reviews are unbiased third-party evaluations.

Top Ingredients Found in the Top Fat Burners

You may have noticed a few common ingredients included in the top thermogenic fat burners. It’s no coincidence that these burn pills rely on certain plant extracts, vitamins, and herbs. These ingredients provide the ideal balance of safety and effectiveness needed for lasting results.

From triggering thermogenesis to managing cravings and more, let’s take a look at the seven top ingredients found in the most effective fat burners:


Found in green coffee, coffee bean extract, and green tea extract, caffeine helps boost your metabolism and increase your internal temperature, resulting in thermogenesis and greater calorie burn.

Green tea extract

Considered one of the world’s most popular and healthiest drinks, green tea extract – and, more specifically, the compound EGCG – shows links to improved cardiovascular and brain health. Plus, both green tea extract and EGCG improve fat oxidation for a leaner physique.


The fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, has achieved quite the buzz in the fitness world. Thought to aid in burning fat and shedding weight, the ingredient occurs in many effective fat burners.

Garcinia Cambogia extract

Sourced from a pumpkin-like fruit native to Africa, Southeast Asia, and India, the extract Garcinia Cambogia contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This notable fat blocker prevents the creation of fat-producing enzymes. Garcinia Cambogia increases serotonin levels as well, reducing cravings and enhancing your mood.

Green coffee bean extract

Your morning cup of Joe packs a healthy punch; however, raw, green coffee beans may offer even more benefits. Green coffee beans combine caffeine with chlorogenic acid to help control your appetite, lower your blood pressure, and regulate your blood sugar levels.


Also known as konjac fiber, glucomannan comes from the root of a herb native to Southeast Asia. The natural hunger suppressant expands in your stomach, making you feel more satisfied after your meals while reducing sugary cravings.

Chromium picolinate

The mineral chromium picolinate occurs naturally in meats, vegetables, and grains. It works to manage cravings through sugar absorption in the cells. Once your cells have absorbed enough sugar, the mineral will shut down your cravings, helping you lose weight and burn fat faster.

Who Should Use a Fat Burner for Weight Loss?

Anyone can safely use one of the best fat burner supplements to shed pounds and burn fat. With seven effective options to choose from, you can select the weight loss supplement that suits your circumstances, whether you need a fat burner for women or a supplement that supports muscle development.

Enjoy the benefits of a lowered BMI, improved cardiovascular health, and more energy than you’ve had in years with a safe, natural fat burner. However, before you begin using a thermogenic fat burner, ensure that it contains only safe, natural ingredients.

The bottom line is that your fat burner should safely improve your metabolic function and result in sustainable, healthy weight loss. If you notice any unusual symptoms or side effects, you should contact your doctor immediately.

How to Get the Most Out of Fat Burning Pills

While some manufacturers, such as OneShot Keto, claim that their supplements work well independently, nothing beats an active lifestyle and nutritious meals. With that in mind, optimize your results and pair fat burners with a regular workout regime, plenty of sleep, and a healthy, balanced diet.

Are Natural Fat Burners Safe?

A natural fat-burner supplement works with your body to reduce excess body weight and restore energy levels. When you choose a fat burner containing familiar ingredients like green tea, coffee bean extract, ginger, or vitamin B, you can safely use the supplement to enhance your fitness journey.

That said, you should resist the urge to increase your daily dosage more than the recommended amount, and be sure to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated before and after training.

Final Thoughts

If your weight has plateaued or you need an extra boost to achieve your ideal body weight, don’t feel discouraged. By incorporating a natural thermogenic fat burner into your daily routine, you can drop weight, improve energy and focus, and restore metabolic function for a happier, healthier you.

When you pair them with regular exercise and a healthy diet, burners can provide effective results. However, don’t expect a miracle drug. These natural supplements fuel change, but expect to wait at least a month before you can see visible results.

Take control of your health, energy, and physique! If you’re ready for a change, try a natural thermogenic burner for additional support on your fitness journey.

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