Would You Eat Casu Marzu, the Illegal Cheese With Maggots?

Maggots with your cheese, anyone? The thought by yourself may perhaps make you squeamish but in advance of you get started forming thoughts, maggot-stuffed cheese definitely does exist and it is regarded a delicacy on the Italian island of Sardinia.

It can be known as casu marzu, which in Sardinian suggests “rotten cheese,” so its name isn’t really way too off. It really is reputed to have a sturdy odor and acidic and pungent taste. For a cheese that is only available in a little region in Italy — and one which is illegal, to boot — casu marzu has managed to develop into pretty properly-recognized in the United States. Foodstuff personalities, these kinds of as Andrew Zimmern and Gordon Ramsay, have likely assisted glow the highlight on the cheese the two in the U.S. and on social media.

What Is Casu Marzu?

Casu marzu, as we said, is a cheese made only on the island of Sardinia. The cheese commences out as a standard pecorino and when aged, cracks sort, letting for a distinctive ingredient to enter the wheel — cheese skipper flies (Piophila casei).

“Even though it ages in the open air, the cheese the natural way dries out and cracks, which allows for a certain variety of ‘cheese fly’ to climb in and lay eggs,” Julia Birnbaum, cheese pro and founder of Philly Cheese University suggests by means of e-mail. When the eggs hatch, maggots squirm and wiggle in the cheese. As the larvae try to eat and digest the milk proteins, they crack down the acids of the cheese and make the texture tender and creamy. A person wheel can host thousands of maggots.

Normally, immediately after about three months, the cheese is all set to try to eat. It turns into gooey and a liquid — recognized as lagrima or tears — oozes from the rind.

“Casu marzu is manufactured close to June and July when mama sheep are chomping on nutrient dense summer months grasses, just like pecorino, Romano and lots of other sheep’s milk cheeses,” Birnbaum says. “This imparts the milk with a lot more complicated flavors, which only bolster right after a couple of months of aging.”

Why Is It Illegal?

Casu marzu is unlawful in the United States and all over Europe, such as Italy. Of course, that’s ideal, it is banned in the region wherever it originates. The cheese has been illegal to provide in Italy considering that 1962, due to a food protection law about feeding on foodstuff with insects and parasites. Then in 2002, EU regulators manufactured things even worse. A European foodstuff safety regulation was handed producing revenue, importation and manufacturing of casu marzu unlawful all over all of the European Union. The Sardinians applied to get a Guarded Designation of Origin for casu marzu soon after the ban, but had been denied.

But men and women go on to make the cheese in Sardinia inspite of it getting unlawful to offer. It really is typically little farmers who make it, so you is not going to come across casu marzu at cheese retailers in Sardinia, as cheese makers don’t want to danger significant fines.

People to Sardinia with a wish to sample this cheese commonly find a way to get their hands and their style buds on some casu marzu. “Just like other goods with authorized limits, rumor has it that casu marzu is attainable via a ‘black market’ the place sellers threat large fines if caught by authorities,” Birnbaum claims.

Heritage of Casu Marzu

Like quite a few cultural meals, it’s considered this unique cheese took place by possibility. Just after all, it really is difficult to consider somebody deliberately putting fly larvae in their cheese without owning some notion that it could make the cheese much better.

Even though currently some cheese makers do add the larvae into the wheels for the magic to come about, many others place their cheese in the hands of nature.

Despite staying dubbed the “world’s most unsafe cheese” by Guinness Globe Data in 2009, so much there is no history of anybody dying from consuming any. But food researchers have established that flies can distribute microbes that can lead to foods poisoning, which includes salmonella. And all those maggots? Perfectly, they aren’t healthful either. As they do their factor in the cheese, they can develop cadaverine and putrescine — compounds made when amino acids decompose in decaying animals that can be poisonous in higher doses.

But Sardinians have been feeding on this culinary delicacy for hundreds of years — and they nevertheless eat tons of it. For people courageous sufficient to bite this creamy goodness with dwelling maggots squirming around, there is a bigger worry about what can take place afterward. There can be overall health implications if you will not adequately chew the maggots just before you swallow them.

“A single of the big hazards of consuming casu marzu is that the maggots can survive the chewing and digesting approach and make them selves comfy in your gastrointestinal tract, resulting in a little something identified as intestinal myiasis,” claims Birnbaum. “For this explanation, even lots of cheese specialists I know say they would prevent the cheese if it was available to them.”

Now you could be imagining why not just eliminate the maggots from the cheese ahead of serving and you reduce the health risks, correct? However, it truly is a bit extra complex. “It’s not that the maggots require to be alive when the cheese is consumed, it really is far more a matter of them becoming hard to get rid of when within the wheel,” explains Birnbaum. “As soon as the cheese is ripe and completely ready to consume, the maggots are pretty quite a few, and waiting for them to develop into flies would change the cheese’s flavor and texture into something thoroughly unique, which some say is even much more hazardous to try to eat.”

And if you come across useless maggots in the wheel, you unquestionably really don’t want to take in it — that’s a sure hearth signal it really is long gone poor.

Birnbaum states you can refrigerate or spot a portion of the cheese in a sealed paper bag until eventually the maggots suffocate to get rid of them — neither affects the ch
eese, she describes. And you is not going to have to get worried about wiggling fly larvae in your tummy, that is, if you can get previous the truth that you are taking in maggots in your cheese to start out with.

What Does Casu Marzu Style Like?

And about taking in casu marzu. You’re possibly questioning what the heck this sought-just after cheese complete of maggots tastes like? Properly, it is explained as acidic and in contrast to quite sturdy, sharp blue cheeses and mature Gorgonzolas with a mealy texture. Sardinians normally get pleasure from the cheese with a area flatbread, pane carasau and cannonau, a robust red Sardinian wine.

Despite the fact that Birnbaum hasn’t experimented with the cheese since she has not experienced the prospect nonetheless, she’s not even absolutely sure if she would if it appeared in front of her.

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