How to Stop Biting Fingernails

What exactly is nail biting?- Nail biting is easily defined as the chewing off of finger- or even toe nails. This very common compulsive disorder affects almost half of the teenagers and a quarter of the children under age 10 years in the world. Luckily this bad habit is not without treatment or cure. Now lets discuss ways how to stop biting fingernails, chop-chop.

Hypnoses- Although considered a long term solution to the problem, Hypnoses is most probably the most effective treatment and ultimately a cure for nail biting. The subconscious mind of the nail bitter its tapped into by a qualified Hypnotherapist, the root of the problem analysed and habit altered.

Cosmetics- A range of wonderful cosmetics including nail polish, oils and creams can be applied to the nails with a bitter taste released upon contact with saliva secreted from teeth or mouth come into contact with the cream or polish. These anti-biting cosmetics are available in store or online.

Natural Remedies- Natural remedies are both inexpensive and effective not to mention readily available in your kitchen or garden. Aloe Vera is the number one natural remedy for nail biting. The bitter taste of Aloe juice will stop the nail biting immediately, with the thought of the taste also acting as a deterrent to avoid future biting. Tabasco or any other chilly or hot sauce applied to tips of finger nails will cause some serious discomfort to the mouth of the biter. Remember not to rub your eyes with the dipped fingers as it can cause severe pain or even damage to the sensitive eye membrane.

Substitution- Just as with smoke quitters, it’s recommended that the bad habit be substituted with a good one for example chewing mints or chewing gums. You hands, mouth and brain will be kept busy to the extent that you will forget about chewing on your finger nails.

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