October 30, 2020


Cooking is a hobby

Craving a taste of fall? Slurp up some takeout gumbo, pho to go, yakamein and more | Photos

Forget the pumpkin spice. In Louisiana, the first true snap of fall gets me craving soup, and gumbo, and pho and yakamein and some other one-bowl meals to warm the soul and tune the palate to the shifting seasons.

No, this weather isn’t exactly “cold.” And, let’s face it, it’s probably not here to stay. But with an early brush of fall, I’m ready to dive right in.

Below is not some “best-of” list, but actual, taste-tested food for thought as you plan a quick meal out…or your next takeout meal in.

What’s your go to when the temperature drops? Tell me your favorites under this soup post in our Where NOLA Eats Facebook group.