Rice Paper review: We try out one of Leeds’ best rated Chinese takeaways – Jasmine Norden

I’m always on the lookout for a good staple Chinese takeaway.

As a result, I jumped at the chance to try a Leeds one that visitors have rated one of the best in the city.

Rice Paper in Halton is the fourth highest rated Chinese takeaway in Leeds, according to TripAdvisor reviews, coming just behind favourites in Yeadon and the city centre.

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So I called up Rice Paper on a Wednesday night and me my brother ordered our favourites to try them out. To start, that’s pork dumplings and crispy duck with pancakes. For main, that’s Singapore noodles for me and Sweet and Sour chicken with egg-fried rice for him.

Ordering was quick and easy, and we were told the order would be ready to pick up within 15 minutes. For reference, Rice Paper do deliver to your door – it costs £1 within a two-mile radius, and then 50p for each mile after that.

As promised, our food was ready to go when I arrived at the takeaway section of the restaurant 15 minutes later. They’re currently only taking cash, which is something to be aware of if you’re going to order.

The pan-fried pork dumplings
The pan-fried pork dumplings

I ferried the food home, and we opened the bag up excitedly.

As my sister told me, ‘it’s only as good as people say if there’s free prawn crackers’ – and there was, indeed, free prawn crackers. My brother promptly ate all of these.

We started with the duck pancakes, which came in a very handy lunchbox type container. This was great – tender, well-shredded duck, thin pancakes, and expertly sliced cucumber and spring onions. It’s hard to go wrong with duck pancakes and the portion was more than enough for two people – we could have gone on for ages.

We got six large pork dumplings, which were more filling than they looked, with a soft dough and a good chunk of soft pork. They weren’t the best dumplings I’ve ever had, but were definitely a decent offering.

My brother bit off slightly more than he could chew with his large portion of egg-fried rice and entire sweet and sour chicken, but said he enjoyed it very much. He said it was lovely though ‘didn’t blow him away’. He’s very verbose.

Now, Singapore noodles are what I order basically every time I have Chinese, so I was ready to compare them to previous efforts.

The Singapore noodles
The Singapore noodles

These looked great – nice full box, and called ‘spicy’ on the menu, which is exactly what I wanted. I always think the colour is the key to a great Singapore noodles – yellow noodles, contrasting bright pink prawns and red and green chillies and peppers.

And this had that. With a little kick from the chilli and a generous helping of meat at the bottom, the noodles were thin, spicy and flavourful.

It fills you up in seconds though, and we needed help to break into a lot of the food. Probably didn’t help all those free prawn crackers my brother ate.

But in conclusion, I’d recommend Rice Paper for a good solid local Chinese takeaway that serves up your favourite dishes.

Bill breakdown

Pan-fried pork dumplings: £4.70

1/4 Crispy duck with pancakes: £10.20

Vermicelli noodles spicy Singapore style: £7.40

Chicken in sweet and sour sauce: £6.90

Egg-fried rice: £1.70

Total: £30.90

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