Tinnitus Treatment – 2 Lifestyle Sins That Could Be Causing Your Tinnitus – Blame the Dentist?

Tinnitus can be site specific. In other words, it is caused by certain site problems in your body and it can be easier to treat. For example, if you have tinnitus and you usually grind your teeth, then it is most likely that you have TMJ caused tinnitus. This can easily be solved by addressing your TMJ problem. Here a couple of examples extracted from the book “Diminish Tinnitus” that could be causing your tinnitus:
Head Problems: TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a medical condition with overlapping disciplines – meaning, different medical practitioners from different fields may have different opinions on TMJ syndrome, and may prescribe different courses of action to take.
Try to check your tinnitus and see if there are other symptoms that go along with it, like:

–        Facial pain, especially in the jaw area
–        Pain in the jaws
–        Clicking or popping of the jaws
–        Teeth grindings
–        Swelling

If your tinnitus is accompanied by any of these symptoms, then it is highly recommended that you see your dentist. There is a huge possibility that it is TMJ syndrome that is causing your tinnitus symptoms.
Your dentist will be able to help you correct any behaviors as well as your bite pattern which causes TMJ syndrome. Surgery can also help stop it, but it is quite rare nowadays as there are better methods that your dentist can use, without having to resort to surgery.

Here are some specific behaviors connected to TMJ syndrome which you should stop:

–        Nail Biting
–        Gum Chewing

If TMJ syndrome is causing your tinnitus, then curing the TMJ syndrome will severely reduce or in fact, completely cure your tinnitus symptoms. If you still have other symptoms left, then the rest of this book talks about other aspects which will help you diminish tinnitus. Tinnitus or not, TMJ syndrome should immediately be addressed anyway.
Head Problem: Head and Neck Tension/Injuries

If you have tinnitus, try to check your lifestyle and the things that you do regularly: Do you work for long periods where your neck is severely under uneven load or stress? If this is so, there is a very high probability that your tinnitus is caused by this.

One common example for this situation is by holding the telephone between your face and shoulder for extended periods of time. This is extremely bad for you and if you have to do this so often, ask for a headset.
This is most important because holding the phone using your head and shoulders does not only cause tinnitus, but also causes a whole range of neck injuries like cervical spondylosis or nerve pain twinges.

If you have suspicions of neck injury or asymmetry, then you should see a professional about this before things get worse. An osteopath is someone who specializes in the muskoskeletal system, and he will examine you and ask you to get necessary scans. Depending on the result, he will then provide a treatment plan for you, most probably physiotherapy.

Do remember however, that if you only have neck injury without any asymmetry present, then an osteopath will not be able to help you since there is no underlying skeletal or muscular abnormalities.

Getting regular shoulder and neck massages can do great for your neck tension, but you have to get to the underlying cause of it, which is most probably stress and tension.

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